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    Id like to start the discussion for inclusion of a weapon pack mod.

    If it's acceptable, id like to start with a discussion and if there is no clear consensus, start another thread with a vote to include a weapon pack or not, and if so, which should be included.

    Obviously I would like to add the OKI pack as it is very popular with other servers that allow mods, for good reason. it is diverse with weapons ranging from 23mm to 230mm quads, with several in between.
    Although I personally find Mexplex set more appealing aesthetically... and I think the mk3 cannon is bigger, and way pretty! I think the OKI set serves it purpose much better overall.

    The one drawback I might argue woudl be the enhanced range of some of the wepons in the pack.
    As a solution I propese this modification... mod...(?) to OKI Weapon pack:
    According to the author it makes 2 changes, bothe I think are needed.
    If I could have one more inclusion, it would be the SEI weapon pack, not nearly as diverse, but if only for the inclusion of the flak cannon within the packs. virtually eliminates the greefing practice of ammo depletion and strafe sniping while players are offline.

    again not much to look at but no other mods performs as well.

    please lets hear your thoughts?
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    We desperately need mods like these to bring more weapon diversity into the server. It will also enable more intense ship combat and better defensive capabilities for those who have substantial bases, outposts, or installations on the map.

    Factions fluctuate in membership and banana-boat raiders have become more common on the server as well, with a rising tide of new players almost daily. I for one cast my vote in for these weapon packs. They have been tested on an innumerable amount of servers and on personal singleplayer games to great success.

    I say Yes on OKI 0r SEI. We need these mods. Badly...
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    Soooooooo...? :)