Server updated? 9/17/15

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    The just released a huge bug fix and update for space engineers and one of the updates includes a jump drive fix!!

    Also Pirates are now a thing!!

    - drone enemies
    - autopilot improvements
    - pirate bases as encounters
    - most valuable cargo ships call for backup using their antennas if player trips wrong sensor

    Guides & Example mods
    - Drone modding guide:
    - KEEN SWH Pirate base and drone mod
    - Pirate base and drone testing world

    - fixed crash when activating ship grinder
    - fixed projections acting as solid objects in some situations
    - fixed autopilot switching off sometimes
    - fixed no explosion sounds when detonating warheads
    - fixed correct icons for dedicated server screens
    - fixed jump drive crash
    - fixed warheads are not damaging voxels properly
    - fixed terminal turning off when switching between cameras
    - fixed spotlights performance
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