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  1. stlnaturals

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    Ok, so I have been reading a bunch of old threads from when i was gone and i know max doesnt give a shit about the server anymore. So im curious who all is working on fixin it up? Is it just one person? Multiple? Or did everyone just give up.
  2. ezeiger92

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    Images and format: http://wiki.shadecrest.com/index.php/Main_Page
    Nearly complete rule revamp: http://wiki.shadecrest.com/index.php/Survival:_Rules
    Talk about the next survival map: http://www.shadecrest.com/site/threads/7157/
    Staff board thread about the economy: http://www.shadecrest.com/site/threads/7125/
    And all the serious replies in here: http://shadecrest.com/site/threads/7149/

    I'm busy as hell with college, I don't know at all how to help creative, and I've retired as a survival admin. That said, I'm putting in work where I can, just usually not in game. So... Nope, not everyone gave up :)

    I've been just doing my own thing, so I really can't speak for others.
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  3. stlnaturals

    stlnaturals Member VIP

    I know you have been working hard, and we all appreciate that.
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  4. GingerSwan

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    idk, first time back here in a long time, though't I'd pop in for a bit. Did Shadecrest die or something? Barely anybody.
  5. bobbylou4

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    I wouldn't worry to much about creative.. not much to help with right now.finishing new spawn and stuff atm, may need plugin help in the future.
  6. sharqman

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    I'd be willing to help if you'd be willing to let me help ;)
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  7. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    If the console exceptions are anything like I remember, you guys *still* need plugin help :p
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  8. Rem

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    Interesting thread about the economy.
  9. Padaun

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    me too ;)
  10. oiShocKWavesv

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    While we're at it how about I get admin? all seem like fair requests to me!
  11. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    I know, right? Such thread!

    I was just linking all productive threads I've been active in, I know you guys can't actually see that one :p

    Fine by me.
    Wait what in the hell is that what they meant oh jeez I take it back!

    Seriously though, if you guys want to make contributions to the server, we'll greatly appreciate it. Server images, wiki updates, well reasoned suggestions, plugin testing, advertising, voting, and even in-game activity are all really helpful, if you are up to it.
  12. lewis5252

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    Iam doing coding in collage. So I wouldent mind helping with any thing. Iam mostly online if Iam not ill or busy with my gf.
  13. Magetime

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    Hey I'd be done to help but it would more or less be with the PvP aspect of ShadeCrest and trying to get that back up and like it was before if I'm able to help Erik :D
  14. oiShocKWavesv

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    1v1 me bro
  15. stlnaturals

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    Shock your not even relevant to the server anymore. If you don't play here that's fine, but I want back up and you clearly don't so you posting irrelevant shit gets anybody nowhere.
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  16. ezeiger92

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    Tried to fix your post for meaning.
    Well, Shock's post is off-topic, but it's harmless. It's not like he's discouraged the server from moving forward with that micropasta.
    I mean, other posts in here are just as off-topic.
  17. ezeiger92

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    Right now I'm trying to rewrite the scripting framework and get everything on the same version (legacy code sucks so so so hard -_-). After that's done, I'll document all of the features on the wiki and we can figure out if this is something you can help with. In general, having other people who know how to program is REALLY nice :)

    I don't know if setting a goal of "like it was before" is a great idea, nostalgia is the worst enemy of ShadeCrest. But any help getting pvp back on it's feet would be awesome, especially since I don't even know what to change lol.
  18. oiShocKWavesv

    oiShocKWavesv Well-Known Member VIP

    Well I mean, unlike you I've actually pretty consistently been around in the last, what, year? I haven't abandoned the server completely because it wasn't doing too well. Sure I've not been as active on the server as I was but I still stuck around in the community. I'm sure I've still got within the 5th highest ontime (maybe less now) on the server. It's coming up on my 3 year anniversary here, I want the server back to doing as well as it was when I joined/a few months prior to that as much or even more than a lot of people.
    I haven't even spoken to mage in like a year, maybe more, when I last fought him I was awful at pvp. Over the last year I've improved a hell of a lot and I don't know what mage has been doing but I want to see if he's still as godly as I thought he was ;)

    I'm not really going to input too many ideas here at this stage. I feel that a lot of what I would suggest isn't too relevant at this point in the discussion. You can bet I'll be contributing later though. Don't worry. :)
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  19. Magetime

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    Yeah I agree, in the previous thread the killstreak thing is actually quite a good idea! I feel it could be abused though quite easily, with people just killing one another stacking the bounty and collecting the loots(I don't program so not sure if this could be avoided!) Honestly the way I see PvP is high risk high reward, so I feel having "mini pvp" events would help and I know what your going to say PvP events? We tried that and it didn't work out so well. So what I had in mind was every week or so often a "care package" of PvP gear is dropped in say the wild or something I don't know we could work out the small details later. The objective of these care package mini events would encourage people to try and get good loot showing that sometimes risks do pay off. I also feel that if you are in the PvP map there is no "handouts" you work for the stuff and you fight with the stuff you worked for. Again as I stated high risk high reward so I don't think people should get better PvP gear from voting. Also I think those in PvP are limited to 2 chest locks, now you might think what?! Only 2 locks?! Yes with 2 locks you get some sense of being able to store goodies but other than that everything is up to you to hide it(Of course no blocking them off and that nonsense) with this raiding would be more effective because you wouldn't have to walk through 60 homes just to find one chest that wasn't looked and has cobblestone and dirt(and yes I always take dirt from the chests when I raid.) Honestly these are just suggestions I have and I have plenty more that I feel would certainly change PvP from what it was into something that's fun again and gets people playing again :D
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  20. ezeiger92

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    It all boils down to implementation and balance. This can work in a way that wouldn't be abused, but would take extra time to set up. Of course, if bounties were player funded, this wouldn't be an issue (but there would be other issues). Stuff to think about.

    None of the pvp events were automated either, which didn't help things. I like the general idea of small pvp-only events. Specifically with a "care package", I'm not sure how well we can get a chest into unloaded chunks. I might be able to teleport a falling sand entity of a chest with contents, otherwise it will need to be hand placed after a random teleport. Not a huge deal, just something to keep in mind.

    Voting plugin needs to be replaced to remove those rewards, unfortunately.

    Chests. Oh my god chests. I see where you're coming from, but you jumped the shark. We're planning to add price tiers to chest locks, making them cheaper early on and more expensive as you lock more. Putting a hard cap that low is too harsh.

    Would be glad to hear them ^^.