I'm back? :)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by beast1540, Oct 5, 2015.

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    Haven't been on the server in I think about 3 years now. And I think its time to make a comeback, just wanted to say to reintroduce myself for the old and the new members :) Man this is gonna be fun, last time I played on this server I was 14 and a Freshman in High School. Now im 17 and a senior, crazy to see how time flies and I hope i can come back and have some good memories here, I really hope its still active and I see some familiar faces :) So, yea thats really it! Reply to me, wanna see whos still around :))
  2. Slebert

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    Welcome back, Hope you have fun!
  3. StephenP67

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    Hi beast. Don't think we ever met but welcome back :)
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    Welcome back!

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    Go away
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    How to be a dick:
    1. Be bobbylou4
    2. ...
    3. Profit?
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  8. beast1540

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    ty :D
  9. beast1540

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