Winterdale, a Hobbit's snow paradise.

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    Hello peoples,
    I have just decided to create a new town in the middle of nowhere in the snow. It's a pretty nice place, surrounded by hills (hence "dale") and sheltered from any wind that may possibly be in minecraft. I'm looking for people who would like to join, but I would still like to keep the town reasonably small (the terrain doesn't give much building opportunity anyway), around 10 residents maximum. If you would like to join, please tell me down below or contact me in-game (BurningIce2). No forms to fill in, just two rules you'll have to follow:
    • Your residence will have to have a "Hobbity" style (you can take example on my home)
    • You will have to make sure your house doesn't take too much underground space, and that there is still enough space for others to build their Hobbit-holes (as I mentioned above, space is a bit limited)
    If you don't mind following these guidelines, then feel free to join the Hobbit community!

    of course, taxes will be imposed, according to your funds.
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    The shire shall rise again

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    But brace yourselves; this time, winter is coming
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    Icewind Dale?
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    not quite lol