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    Unfamiliarity with the new plot plugin (PlotSquared) has left newbies unsure of how to claim plots, as the tutorial still uses the commands associated with Plotme.

    Normally not an issue as I would be able to advise. However when I attempt to access the help menu for the plugin, using /plots help, it then redirects me to use another specific command.

    The two I attempted to use were:

    /plots help claim, which then gave me the message "[P2] That's not a valid number in the range (0)


    /plots help all, this message only provided me with the commands /plots toggle, /plots confirm, and /plots plugin.

    Neither of which are helpful to me or others.

    Upon realising that these weren't working, I attempted to do /plots home, which should be the default tp command for accessing your plots according to the github page. I was then provided with the message: "{P2} You are lacking the permission node: plots.home"

    I realise these are just problems associated with adopting a new plugin to the server, but this has temporarily broken a vital part of creative as we are unable to adopt new persons onto the server.
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    Should've probably tagged ezeiger92 in this seeing as it appears to be a perms thing.

    Sorry for adding to your to-do list, but this is important.
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    As a suggestion, it would be a good (Read:Excellent/Necessary) idea to add either a sign or alter the tutorial to inform new persons that the plot system is temporarily borked, that consequently they will not be able to build straight away, and that they should instead head to survival to pass the time.
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    Already fixed it, that would have taken more time. It was just too much to do on an iPad at midnight, I needed my laptop and sleep.
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