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    Hey guys wanted to start a discussion about quests.

    Implementing quests on ShadeCrest has been a long time goal we've wanted to get done. In recent months Erik took a first stab at it and with 1.9, I decided to jump in and check out 1.9 / the new features Erik has implemented from the perspective of a player starting out. I had a lot of feedback for him, we hashed out a lot of things yesterday, and have already started making some changes. First things we did where tweak the cooldowns (some raised, some lowered) and nerfed a lot of the rewards.

    We will be adjusting the objectives in each quest over time. If you are in the middle of a quest, if we lower the requirement it might say you have completed more than 100% of that sub-task. Just ignore that. In some cases, we might completely change what is required to complete that quest.

    I wanted to open it up for discussion though to get the community's feedback.

    First let me give you an idea of what our plans are:

    5 categories
    1. Combat
    2. Excavation
    3. Mining
    4. Woodcutting
    5. Farming

    Things to be aware of
    • Assuming you have all quests unlocked, kill quests can be done simultaneously if there are the same monster in multiple quests. An excellent example of this are quests like Hunter and 28 days. The first 10 zombies you kill will go toward hunter AND 28 days at the same time, so really 28 days is an additional 30 zombies and 3 leaders assuming you're doing both at the same time. Combining basic monsters like zombies, spiders, and creepers with other quests is fine as long as there is a rarer distinguishing mob.
    • Combat quests should yield a higher rewards vs tradeskill quests due to the risk involved in combat, especially with 1.9. Overall difficulty of many of the quests need to be re-balanced with 1.9.

    • The first 1-2 tasks should be able to be done by any player, even a new player.
    • The first 1 (maybe 2) tasks will be on a 12 hour cooldown.
    • The rest of the tasks (except maybe the last 1-2) will be on a 24 hour cooldown.
    • The last 1-2 tasks might be on a significantly long cooldown, maybe even weekly.
    • Tasks should scale up in difficulty smoothly.
    • Newer players should feel like the first few quests in each category are doable with iron
    • Established players should feel that doing the earlier quests are not worth their time
    • Doing all the quests every day should take a LONG TIME and only players who play many many hours a day could possibly do them all (unless of course they have items stockpiled ready to turn in)
    • Early tasks should not be biome specific, but later tasks should require hunting things in specific biomes or places like the nether / end.
    • Early tasks should not require any specific McMMO skill
    • Higher level tasks should require or at least expect you have certain McMMO skill
      • For example: Excavation later level quests might ask for glowstone assuming you have higher level excavation and get glowstone from dirt.
    • High level tasks might require silk touch on tools, but lower level ones should not require it
    • All tasks should be doable and not require resources which are extremely limited
      • We might end up resetting mining world more often to keep things accessible like clay and other resources which are biome specific.
    • Farming / animal related quests assume people have REASONABLE sized farms, particularly when it comes to animals. We don't want quests to encourage people to break rules in terms of number of entities in an area.

    Overall effect on the economy
    • Gold rewards should encourage players to do quests, but should not be so high they destroy the value of the rupie.
    • Removal of items from the economy will create a market where items bought / sold to / from players will be regarded at a high value.
    • The value of the rupie might be devalued compared to items due to lack of items in the economy if lots of people do quests coupled with the infusion of money into the economy, but there will still be people wanting to buy who are too lazy to gather. This means that from player to player the value of items will be high.
    • Items will never drop to near nothing value (as has happened in the past on shadecrest) because they will always at least have worth in trade through quests.
    • Items retaining value means that overtime chestshop taxes will slowly remove rupies from the economy
    • We may need to revisit the overall costs of towny and such since quests should result in a much richer playerbase.
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    Here is a spreadsheet with the current numbers (still WIP). These numbers will be tweaked as we continue to attempt to redesign / rebalance the quests.

    The nice thing about spreadsheets is you can play with numbers more easily.

    Wondering what the community thinks about either
    A. everything being on daily cooldowns with only the top 1-2 tasks in each category being a super big epic weekly cooldown
    B. stepping up cooldowns like first two are 12h, next two are 24h, next two are 48h, next two are 72h, last one is 120h

    The difference between the two is the items in A. would be more... doable on a daily basis while the tasks on item B. would be much bigger tasks which would take longer, but the reward would be proportionally bigger. Even with B. you would have some quests which are simple and easy to do daily, but some quests would be bigger / more epic.

    Initially yesterday I was feeling A. sounded cool and very MMO in design, but I'm thinking B. might be even better because it's a hybrid of the MMO daily quest design and non-daily almost like raid instance style quest resets.
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    I thought there was something odd going on with the completed quests I've finished lol thanks for explaining that...I like doing the shovel and farming quests the best..completed both...I wouldn't mind a potion quest where you have to make certain potions or gather the stuff that you need to make it...something like that perhaps

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    Cool, good point. We where thinking of things we could add to the farming line. We could easily add stuff in there like Netherwart.

    Other potion ingredients fall under either killing mobs like spider eyes or the ingredients overlap with the other farming quests (carrots, sugarcane used in other things, etc). We are planning mining and woodcutting quests.
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