FTB Infinity - 2.4.2 Hardmode

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    Time to update the FTB server again and move to another pack!

    IP: ftb.shadecrest.com

    The pack that I've chosen to move (back) to is FTB Infinity 2.4.2 (hardmode)

    However, I've included a few more mods than the pack originally included and they are as follows:

    Open Computers:

    Iguana Tweaks:

    AE2 Stuff:

    I've decided to omit Mekanism from the pack this time due to it breaking progression in Infinity. These mods do no affect progression or if they do its extremely minor. I've had a week of initial testing with my group to test a few things out and ensure the pack was stable enough to move over.
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    For those who like to play with Sphax PureBDcraft textures, here is a compiled list of downloads. Just download all these, drop them in your resource folder and activate them all. I wouldn't recommended going higher than 64x textures, but 128x is doable if you have a strong system.

    FYI, in our testing, we have confirmed the Fluxed Bee (which was previously causing crashes)

    Sphax PureBDcraft base textures
    Download the v1.7.10 version, recommended 64x

    Sphax Style FTB Infinity textures
    Download the v2.4.2 version, recommended 64x

    Sphax Style Open Computers textures
    Download v1.4.4.24, recommended 64x

    Sphax Style Iguana Tweaks textures
    Download v2.1.3, recommended 64x

    Sphax Style AE2 Stuff textures
    Recommended 64x
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  3. CyberVic

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    And it's up!
  4. Archenemy666

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    Server updated to Infinity 2.5.0 The mods I added will be the same, excluding AE2 stuff. (dat shit be broken yo) Minimal update work :)
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    had to transfer files you dope
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