A New Kind of Revival Thread

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    I, as I'm sure many of you do, will occasionally think back to previous times with a sense of nostalgia. Thinking about the "good old days" is a favorite past time of every person, whether or not those days were truly that good or not.

    Here on Shadecrest, there have recently been some troubled times. For months, few players took part in the Shadecrest community outside of the Teamspeak, with the Minecraft servers having record low player amounts for a record low amount of time. This certainly sowed seeds of sadness amongst the players who have put time and their whole social lives around sitting on Shadecrest, commiserating with their fellow server-mates over how things used to be, how things should be, how things are supposed to be.

    When at all hours of the day and night, some players could be found building with their friends, spending countless hours in strip mines searching for those diamonds, building the greatest cathedrals and boxxy cobblestone castles the world has ever seen. Talking for hours about videogames, memories made, and the things each of us are passionate about.

    I, too, miss those days. Many nights in my insomnia-induced pre-sleep stupor I entertain memories of these past times. Times I wish could be relived, times I truly miss.

    Now, the servers are becoming again populated, with new players, who we all hope will be able to share in the revelry of finally attaining that Prot IV diamond set, or that Architect prefix, or of sharing a real life happening with an online stranger whom you've finally realized you're closer to than anyone else in your life.

    New players, however, do not realize the history of the server or the deep ties which its members have formed with one another, as is common in the newly initiated in established communities. New players, who wish to feel a part of the community, but who cannot alone infiltrate the complex social system established by years of interactions amongst varied groups of individuals.

    I propose that we older players initiate the newer using the tool that has kept this community together.

    I propose we hold a gathering, open for all players.

    I propose...

    A Teamspeak Slam Poetry Contest.

    What better way to welcome newcomers into our ranks than to speak with them? What better way to inform the noobs of our rich history than to reminisce in barely heightened language? What forms better bonds than a unified sense of pretense?

    Thursday the 9th of June, at 8 PM EST, we will hold Shadecrest's first slam poetry contest in the Shadecrest Payday Teamspeak channel (voice.shadecrest.com). Bring with you at least a few lines of your favorite occurrence, build, or social interaction of days past.

    credit for this idea goes to Simplygreen03
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    You have to look at the fine print
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    What if I'm too white to rhyme? could I bring a nice lasagna dish instead

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    no you're never too white to slam poetry
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    ... What the hell. Like actually what the hell.
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    Slam poetry brings the community together!
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    I'm Irish, my poems will be depressing af if I join. (see: Seamus Heaney, Sean Mac Fheorais, etc.)