Trashcancrap's Staff Application

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  1. Desmond

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    What is your IGN?

    What time zone do live in?
    PST or HST depending on what time of the year it is.

    Select your age range:
    C) 18 - 20

    Do you have staff experience with other online communities?
    Yes, in particular the Garry's mod community. I've been a network administrator and a developer for multiple different servers. Though, I've been an administrator for only 3 Minecraft communities.

    When did you join, and how long have you been around? (Use /ontime in game)
    --- I joined on January 28'th 2016, and since then I've spent the equivalent of 11 days on the server

    What times are you most active on ShadeCrest?
    --- Generally during week nights, and weekends.

    Have you been banned on ShadeCrest for more than 1 day? If so, explain.
    --- No I have not.

    How often are you on Teamspeak and Skype?
    --- I am always monitoring my Skype, I've not had reason to be on Teamspeak before this point in time, though I suppose that could change depending on the answer my application receives.

    As staff, how will you help our community?
    --- I do not enjoy not being able to do anything when a situation such as this comes up :
    I think that it is not in anyone's best interest to have an invasive or annoyingly overprotective staff member. Bans in my personal opinion, are to be given to those who are causing issues with other players, not to players that might be just annoying myself. This is why I usually won't ban people for small offences and typically try to find a better solution. What I would like to come of this thread is the ability to deal with seriously out of line players, like the gentleman in the picture; without having to endure the individual until another staff member logs on to deal with them. While also being able to resolve any small arguments that might take place through the chat.