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    What is your IGN?
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    Um, did you mean to eat the majority of your post with that last edit?
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    Yup. I decided to make my application brief, and somewhat concise.

    Here is the original application for comparison.


    What is your IGN?

    What time zone do live in?
    Central USA

    Select your age range:
    Over 21

    Do you have staff experience with other online communities?
    No experience with other communities, but I do have experience as Admin on Shadecrest

    When did you join, and how long have you been around? (Use /ontime in game)
    December 6, 2012. 4 days..... Apparently EDIT: Oct 8, 2011 is what the forums say.

    What times are you most active on ShadeCrest?
    between 11:00 PM and 4:00 AM Central

    Have you been banned on ShadeCrest for more than 1 day? If so, explain.

    How often are you on Teamspeak and Skype?
    I am on Teamspeak when I am on Shadecrest, generally arround 11PM up to 4AM Central time.

    As staff, how will you help our community?
    I am an easy guy to get along with, and I hold myself to a higher standard. I have common sense and use it. I will do what I can to keep the community healthy, help players that need a reminder of the rules, and remove the trouble makers that are unwilling to follow the rules.

    Also, this may be difficult to explain, but the area I am most interested in is in the background. I have an interest in how things work on the coding level and I want to be able to understand how everything fits together so that I can solve broken things are not working, and find a way to fix it. I am also on late at night and having a staff member on later to deal with problems that arise is a good thing.

    On a side note, I started streaming recently and some of the viewers were actually cheaters and trolls. Some of them got on to Shadecrest to fly around, x-ray and spam chat a bit. Having the ability to remove trouble makers like that would be helpful.
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