Creative Build of the Week (14/7)

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    This marks the first of what is to be a weekly review thread of builds on the creative server. I'll be writing a short piece on a build that stands out on the server, selecting from both older pieces that I know about, to newer ones that I haven't seen before. The format may also change a few times as I get used to writing.


    Creative Build of the Week
    14th of July


    Located at /warp Liasha and built by the member of the same name, Liasha once stood as the pinnacle of Shadecrest standards for builders; and looking back at it, it's not hard to see why. While it has long been eclipsed by other builds in detailing, it remains as one of the largest single structures on the server.


    The windows and fire make a happy face in this imposing entrance ^_^
    Right from the start this build looms over the player as they warp in. The obsidian and nether brick palette trimmed with gold, giving off a sinister feel. Multitudes of windows provide insight into the many floors contained within. Upon entering the inside opens up to a tall open central area, with multiple corridors and levels leading to dozens of rooms. From my explorations I found gardens, a library, kitchens, another vertical area cutting though several floors, and another library which I found while trying to find the first one.


    Apparently the blue design is from another series? I'm at a loss to what it is though
    As impressive as this is, the rooms do definitely give off a "build first, fill later" vibe, with a great many of the remaining empty, or being filled with copy/paste props. It's also likely they'll stay this way as Liasha has long since left our community (This build was almost finished when I joined SC back in 2012).

    This feeling diminishes in the catacombs underneath the floor. Each level clearly improves in the level of detailing, reflecting the increasing skill of Liasha as a builder; finally culminating in a demonic chamber with a hand reaching out of the lava behind it.


    Even daemons need high fives sometimes
    This chamber also reflects a shift away from the geometric style of the above building, to more organic leanings and curves. Which is also evidenced in the statue in somewhat provocative attire behind the build.


    Here on MC we pixelate more than just the vitals
    Liasha remains a landmark in Shadecrest's creative history, and reflects the learning journey of a builder who rose through the ranks to attain Architect. It shows the ambition in scale that everyone could learn a lesson from (As well as a warning to remember that you also have to fill the rooms once you build them). This could almost be considered one of Shadecrest's heritage listed builds on the creative world, and remains one of my favourites due to being one of my #Building goals when I was younger.

    Bonus unused screenshots:
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    I'll be doing one of these every Thursday (My Thursdays anyway, closer to Wednesday for you), and be doing a survival version on Tuesdays.

    As you can probably tell, I'm a bit inexperienced at reviews at the moment. I would appreciate feedback, things you would prefer me to focus on, things you didn't like, potential future builds to review, or just comments on if you liked it or not.

    (There may also not be as many screenshots in the future, Liasha's just a big build, so I felt there should be more images)

    EDIT: And no, I shan't be doing any of my own builds unless you peoples want me to :p
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    Fixed the spoiler in your post. Not sure how, but you had 2 empty spoilers that should not have existed.