Survival Build of the Week (19/7)

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    Survival Build of the Week
    19th of July

    Rocket and Sailing Ship
    By Madoz10

    Welcome everyone to the first Survival Build of the Week! Our first build is in the PVE world as has been built by madoz10

    According to this, the rocket is approx 4 blocks high
    I am honestly surprised that it took me this long to find that we have a FREAKIN SPACE SHIP on the server. 10 year old me would've been so impressed (As is 21 year old me, I was just more into space back then). As can be seen, they've built it just beginning to take off, using the flow of lava to simulate motion.

    It's like missing your bus, but with a slightly longer wait until the next one
    The other part of this build is of course the ship, this one water instead of air borne. Including a level of knowledge that you don't see in many minecraft ships, including a compliment of 2 cannons, 3 full (and properly labelled) masts, side corridors, a wheel taller than I am, and more doors than you can shake a stick at. It's also good to see that they've used every wood type in this build, making sure that there's a balance, instead of one dominant type as is all so easy to do with ships and other wooden builds.

    Is that a statue or a punishment?

    I'm sure the villagers volunteered to be here
    Honestly, players like Madoz are why exploring the survival world is a fun and rewarding experience. While I was hoping to catch them online today to ask them about this, I still look forward to seeing what they build next.

    (And yes, I know they have other buildings there, I'm just saving them for when I'm desperate)

    As always, I appreciate your feedback. What went well? What didn't? What would you like to see more of?

    Bonus unused screenshots:

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    I know this is a little shorter than last time, but I'm also not a professional journalist and this build is a lot smaller than Liasha. Survival BotW will probably be around this length in the future as well.
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    Legend9468 3 spoilers, two of which are empty. Second time. How are you having trouble with them?

    Stuff here

    Not trying to be a dick here, are you using the tags right? Are you posting from tapatalk and getting issues?
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    I mean, I type
    , but I don't do it more than once like it's appearing in the message. I actually have no idea why it's happening.

    Edit: Dangit, forgot that that would make it into a spoiler as well. I do SquareBracket SPOILER= SB, then end with SB /SPOILER SB
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    Just do it like I posted, no need to have "=" anywhere in it

    For the record, I hid a dummy [b][/b] tags so they didn't become spoilers
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    Interesting thing to note though. I did the same there as I did in the original post, and it only did it once. Maybe it can just be the signature signoff of the thread :p