Creative Build of the Week (21/7)

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    Creative Build of the Week
    21st of July

    Cemeterry's Builder Plot

    I swear I'll post a recent build eventually here. The honor of the build of this week goes to Cemeterry for their builder plot. A distinctive steampunk town that greets every new person tot the builder world.

    The only angle where I managed to block most of the other builds

    This build makes great use of vertical space by way of custom handcrafted terrain; and goes to show that you don't need fancy editing tools to make an impressive landscape (Despite what all those guests told me). The buildings themselves follow what can be dubbed as Minecraft Steampunk, in that the building are tall, include fantasy elements, and don't include a single water boiler in sight. Not complaining though, it still makes for an entertaining build.

    As they used to say in school. Build a well and get over it guys

    If I did have to nit pick at something though, it would be the fact that the large gears and chains are freestanding, i.e. they don't connect to anything. I do realise that it's an aesthetic design, but I do personally prefer some element of realism to it. Cemeterry does take this build that one step further though, by handcrafting a cave underneath the buildings, filled with another building, a water wheel, and additional gears.

    That must be one buoyant water wheel

    This build continues to be the absolute gold standard in builder plots. Each building feels unique and purpose built, as compared to being built with the purpose being figured out later, and the plot as a whole is a joy to explore; which was one of my main criteria judging plots when I was admin. If you can take in the whole plot in less than 10 seconds then you need to go back to the drawing board, and here I spent at least 5 minutes exploring the whole thing.

    Do you suppose they have indoor plumbing?

    And there we have it folk. Week 2 of CBotW done. I'm slowly improving at these things, but as always feedback is required (Even if it's a like or a comment to some such. What did you like? What didn't you? Do you have improvements or suggestions for the future? Post below and I'll read them when I wake up!
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