Survival Build of the Week (26/7)

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    Survival Build of the Week
    26th of July

    The Castle
    By Eman3dude


    I apologize in advance if this already has another name, but I didn't see it/couldn't find it. I find these builds on dynmap and make my way out to them by way of the closest warp. I'll also never post the co ordinates to a build unless it has a public warp to them, so there can be at least some pretense of privacy for the builder. So without further ado.

    I like to imagine the lord commissioned this bridge because they couldn't be bothered walking the 20 metres around the hole.

    This weeks SBotW is the castle by Eman3dude, at least, I assume they built is (I went by prism). This build caught my eye last week while I was finding Madoz's space ship, and knew I would have to write about this eventually. I would be guessing it's unfinished as of yet, but even so it remains a testament to Ema's dedication in clearing out, flattening, mining, and building.


    For once the flatness of the walls doesn't bother me. The windows and changes in stone add good texture

    What I enjoyed most about this build was the proportions in the design. A funny thing to say I know, but the spacing of each building felt right, despite the empty spaces between them (presumably to be filled). Speaking of the spacing the fact that this build doesn't follow a clearly set out pattern with building A followed by building B and C in a sequence lends to the feeling that this build evolved like a proper keep in medieval Europe. Although I may be wrong as I come from a country that's only 228 years old, there's probably pieces of bread older than us.


    This is the part where I normally say what I don't like with the build, in an effort to give a balanced opinion and help others figure out where they can improve. Except this build has very clear parts that need to be worked on, and so it feels unfair to judge an unfinished build. The only thing I can really say at the moment is to recommend working on the base of the main tower, as it's straight cobble at the moment and doesn't blend with the more detailed upper section of the tower. The extent of my advice aside from that is to simply keep going with how they are, and to hopefully finish this project.


    At it's peak the tower rises much higher than the moon itself

    This build provides another great tourist attraction to anyone wandering the server, and I wish I spent more time exploring it before I teleported away, as there are surely details I missed.

    As always, I appreciate your feedback on these. What went well? What didn't? What would you like to see more of? Comment below, even if it's just to say that you enjoyed the build.

    Bonus unused screenshot
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    Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you for the first time, a single spoiler.
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    I love the sheer walls and lack of adornment, it truly evokes a sense futility in attempts to beautify the wasteland that is the survival server
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    It's all about that balance. I'll focus on ultra detailed builds with creative, but I also want to point to builds that are achievable for the average player. And I can safely say that we've both seen worse builds on either server.
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    I think I've been to his's an interesting place, lots to look at and climb...I saw his place last map, he's a pretty good builder so I'm sure this one will keep getting better

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