Survival Build of the Week (02/08)

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    Survival Build of the Week
    2nd of August

    By ?????????

    Sorry guys, but it's a short one this week, 50% because I'm really tired tonight between Readings/Group work/Other reading (Vitruvius: The 10 Books on Architecture, worth a read and it's free online)/Uni/Eating/Procrastination, and 50% bc the build was a lot smaller when I got there and I couldn't be bothered going further (Sorry).

    The build this week is what I'm dubbing Atlas, but an unknown person. I really did try to find some prism records as they had quite the established base, but the only person I found was Joe who did the same 5 days ago. It appears to be the start of a larger build, possibly a town, at least a landmark, but now it rests cold and abandoned.


    Watching people try out organic structures is always a fun and rewarding experience. Especially in survival when you know they had to place each block by hand. I am curious about how they intended persons to get into the upper half of the sphere without the use of the ladder. Remember kids, always plan ahead.


    There was a fair effort put into making this, and the ground this statue rests on shows fair detail. It makes me wonder what the story behind this is; why was it abandoned? Much like last week's build that wasn't finished, this almost feels the natural way for larger builds at the moment. Here's hoping Siliconia and Arcadia will prove me wrong on this account.


    And there you go peeps. I feel that I should relabel this series Survival Snapshots instead of Build of the Week, the builds are probably going to stay small as there's not quite the same amount of buildings on a larger scale. Not to mention I can't fly on survival (Yet)

    What do you think? As always, I appreciate your feedback on these. What went well? What didn't? What would you like to see more of? Comment below, even if it's just to say that you enjoyed the build.

    And sorry for phoning it in this week. I'll plan ahead next time :)
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