Creative Build of the Week (04/08)

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    Creative Build of the Week
    4th of August

    Apprentice Plot
    By TehRawB


    So far I've covered the Guest world, Builder world, and so this week the honour goes to the Apprentice plot world; Specifically TehRawB's stunning build of a medieval fantasy castle and town, complete with custom terrain.


    Maybe the dragons are like pigeons in this universe?

    I get the feeling that reviewing builds on this scale is going to be ever so slightly intimidating (Apprentice plots are 300x300). I chose this build partially because it's right adjacent to my own plot, but also as it serves as a reminder to me as to why I keep building, and where I can get to if I persevere. The build incorporates just about every element that a builder can use, from non geometric buildings (not working in simple rectangles and using diagonals/curves) to organics, and to custom terrains.


    I like to imagine that it's actually someone's pet

    The build I feel can be roughly divided into 3 sections, the castle in one corner, the town in the other, and the terrain below.

    The castle is characterised by it's tall towers reaching upwards piercing the sky, and contrasts the town by being primarily brick, and therefore giving the impression of being a bastion of strength. Teh also chose a different path than most castles in MC by making the walls curve with the terrain. Inside these walls we can find all the necessities that every castle needs: A barracks, A training ground, Stables, A blacksmith, and a pile of historically accurate tnt blocks.

    The town is primarily located in the opposite corner from the castle, although there are other buildings dotted around the map. While exploring this section I actually found one of my now favourite buildings from recent times. There's a building built using diagonal angles, with an arch going through the middle of it which creates an absolutely wonderful space. The amount of care shown in these buildings is insane, and there is nary a flat surface on the outside of any of the buildings.

    Finally the terrain below deserves its own paragraph as it truly brings this build together into its signature look. The entire map rests upon pillars and tendrils of stone; and in the mark of a truly great builder there are other block types mixed into the stone to create a unique texture for the eye. Part of this includes glowstone in the lake down below, which creates a slightly eerie ambiance when viewed at night.
    (Down here is also home to wyverns like above, but I'll let you find them yourself)


    A lavafall next to a wooden town? What could go wrong
    In there interests of fairness and balance, I of course have to add critique to it. I suppose my main on would sort of be based in the detailing. Specifically, I feel as if the castle spires may be "over-detailed". I'm going to be second guessing myself about that comment for a while now, but I feel something jarring about it. I'm not sure if it's the colours which present a huge contrast to the organic and green nature of the rest of the build, or the prolific use of stairs which at once creates depth despite being on a flat surface.

    Of course I'm not suggesting you come back to change it :p This is just a case of personal opinion, as well as teaching the kiddies reading this that there is such as thing as over detailing something.


    My waterfalls never look as majestic as these unplanned ones

    In conclusion, Teh's build is jam packed full of details, half of which I didn't even cover in this review, and exploring it is a sure fire way to pick up on new tips and tricks for any aspiring builder, or even a competent one (Expect to see me emulating that arch in a later build).

    What do you think? As always, I appreciate your feedback on these. What went well? What didn't? What would you like to see more of? Comment below, even if it's just to say that you enjoyed the build.
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    I should probably proofread these before posting them. Although at the same time it feels like no one's watching them (Even though they get a whopping 30 views on average).

    Still, it's regular content on the forums which is more than what the rest of you can say.
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    Yeah I love this build. I've spent a lot of time exploring the plot. The terrain is probably my favourite aspect.
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    "I like to imagine that it's actually someone's pet"

    lolnope, that's TehRawB's self portrait
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    StephenP67 Same. Everytime I go to build though, it's like taking an art class and sitting next to the one kid who actually knows how to draw. Fairly intimidating, but at the same time it's also a goal.

    GingerSwan Maybe it's his fursona?
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    No, it's actually just Teh IRL.

    His fursona is a hairy human.