Survival Snapshots (09/08)

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    Survival Build of the Week
    9th of August

    Lonely House
    By ?????????


    Going to re-brand this so that the smaller builds I find make sense. I have to rely on the dynmap to find new builds to showcase here, and that can be a pain. I can't fly around the world here like on creative, and most homes are set to private.

    This weeks build is brought to us by another member who's name I couldn't find. It's a great little house found in the middle of the ocean, far away from everything around it which is probably why the person moved out.

    The flying drone base in the background is preparing to wipe this house form the face of the earth

    What I enjoyed about this build was the proportions used in the design. Wandering through it felt like a real house, the rooms and walls weren't comically large as is the norm in MC, nor did the ceiling feel too low as normally happens with smaller rooms. The style reminds me of a contemporary cottage, built with modern concepts, but using older materials. There's even other ideas like using diorite to line the interior of the roof, which complements perfectly against the oak.

    Notice how they used stained glass tactfully? Creative guests pls take note

    My biggest complaint in this again is that the build wasn't brought to its natural conclusion. Judging by the exterior the builder has some measure of talent, and I can only imagine that they also have the interior design skills to match, but alas it was not meant to be. I can imagine birch furniture with leaf block accents, as all the fancy modern builders do. Although I may be biased as I always include some form of flora in my builds.

    In all their talent they managed to replicate my toolbar in the build. Amazing

    So there you have it. These snapshots aren't intended to be as large or detailed as the creative builds I display, just neat things from around the server you may have not seen before. If I did have to recommend a lesson from this build it's to keep working at interiors, they come naturally after a while and have an immense pay off.

    What do you think? As always, I appreciate your feedback on these. What went well? What didn't? What would you like to see more of? Comment below, even if it's just to say that you enjoyed the build in all of its tiny glory.

    I have no excuses for this one. Please don't fire me
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    Apologies again for forgetting to remove my hud.

    I would seriously appreciate recommendations for builds in the coming weeks. I've been trying to stay out of towns and spawn for now, and doing independent builds. However it's starting to become rather hard finding adequate builds this way (I browse dynmap for each of these). Not to mention it's a great way to build community involvement in these threads :D
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    Some of these are in towns, but they are stand-alone builds. Well except maybe in Nimia.

    Luxor by King_Videot (/warp luxor) [pvp]
    Multiple builds in Nimia (-2000, 6700)
    Sabouli by Korky (-2600, -6900) [pvp]
    A tree? (-7800, 5400)
    A little town (800, -2100) [pvp]

    In progress:
    Colosseum by Alosapien (950, -6000) [pvp]
    Flint by Joe_Lorodeth (-2800, -7500) [pvp]
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