Creative Build of the Week (11/08)

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    Creative Build of the Week
    11th of August

    By @Tyler1470


    This week's build was found courtesy of my scrolling through the available warp list (Page 2, right at the top). The warp was created April 7th of last year, so it's safe to assume this is an old and finished build. Although I must say that I actually stumbled across this on my own quite recently flying round and seeing my neighbours from Steamtown.

    I too hope to be rich enough one day that I can use diamonds in my roads

    If you visit this build, then it's not hard to see why it stuck in my mind. Multiple large buildings built with an exquisite level of detailing. What apparently stuck with me though was the walls surrounding the build; they're a secondary structure, but apparently I'm a sucker for a good wall design.


    It's even got the round door that hobbits use

    Outside of the walls my favourite part of the build has to be the structure tunnelling through the hill. Despite technically being underground for the most part, the opening give the interior a light and draughty feel, and the inside tightens down to almost exactly what I imagined a hobbit hole to feel like when I read the Hobbit for the first time. The interior gets tight and windy (As in it winds around, not there's a wind blowing through it), and HOLY HECK THERE'S AN INTERIOR PRAISE THE SUN. I almost gave up hope.

    The other noticeable landmark in this build is of course the clock tower. Upon warping to here, the eye is immediately drawn to it's titular clock, accented with diamond hands. This detail is repeated throughout the build, using diamond blocks in various patterns. I've seen it overused in too many feels, but Tyler used just the right amount of it to use its icy colour, while not spamming it to make an experienced builder flinch.

    After these buildings there are of course the walls I mentioned earlier (Still not sure why I like them so much), and a few other buildings besides.


    Seriously though, that is a dam smexy wall.
    As for what I didn't like, after I got over the initial "Wow look at these buildings" I found the build to feel empty. All of these builds are impressive, but there's very little to tie the build together, and it gave off the sense that the builder was more interested in each making single impressive buildings, rather than paying attention to the space between. Each building is fantastic to be sure, but maybe I'm just used to seeing this level of detail and to me it almost feels generic now (Maybe I should write these earlier in the day when I'm more awake and less cynical).

    There are two ways to improve upon this in your builds.

    The first is to maintain a driving concept for each build. If you're making a farm then each new building should contribute to this idea. Similarly, if you make an extra large clock tower, then make sure that the area suits it, a large tower would logically be surrounded by an at least very affluent neighbourhood, or possibly a larger middle class one.

    The second it to pay attention to the areas in between. If you've ever seen one of my builds you'll know I spam trees where ever I can to counter this very problem. It distracts from large areas of grass, and it breaks the skyline as the trees vary in height and block your view. Of course this can be substituted in various way, smaller hovels, walls to block the view, other types of plants or custom terrain.


    I spent too long trying to find a half decent angle that also cut out the surrounding builds

    Closing thoughts for this build: I know this is entitled Build of the Week, but I feel like this is is much closer to a case study than an award. I initially chose it because there was the immediate case value, but then the build itself lacked the substance to justify itself. This isn't to say that you shouldn't use individual builds to practice, but with the minor detailing of a bridge, roads, and walls, this felt like it was supposed to be something more.

    What do you think? As always, I appreciate your feedback on these. What went well? What didn't? What would you like to see more of? Comment below, even if it's just to say that you enjoyed the build.

    Bonus unused screenshot
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    Survival now gets snapshots and I have to use older creative builds. One one hand it means I get to be as cynical as I want to be in these reviews bc people won't get offended, on the other hand though I really want to be able to use newer builds in these (Please guys)

    Also, I'll try and do these earlier in the day, as even though you'll all still be asleep, I'll be more awake and not half asleep (I write write before I go to bed).