The Forgotten Updates

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    Once again, we're trying to bring back the weekly update threads. Unfortunately, it's been so long that we need to get a few things out of the way before we're up to speed. Consider this "Forgotten Updates"


    • General - Minecraft 1.10.2
    • Survival - Casino
    • Survival - Tutorial tweaks
    • Survival - Dynmap ranged players
    • Survival - Satchel tweaks
    • Survival - LWC + Towny

    General - Minecraft 1.10.2
    This is old news now, but it hasn't been in an update post. All Minecraft servers are up to date with the latest patch!

    Survival - Casino
    Brand new to our map: /warp Casino!
    We have 6 shiny new slot machines for players to test their luck. Right click the comparator to roll. If all 3 slots match up, you get a payout!

    Cost per roll: Only 10r!
    - Iron: 35r
    - Gold: 100r
    - Emerald: 300r!
    - Diamond: 1,000r!
    - Jackpot: 10,000r!!

    Survival - Tutorial tweaks
    Commands that teleport players are blocked with the message "You cannot teleport there while taking the tutorial. If you wish to cancel the tutorial, type /tutorial cancel"

    Survival - Dynmap ranged players
    Dynmap used to show all players, all the time, which resulted in pvp stress and constant raids. We changed it to only show town and nation members, but now the map feels empty.
    The solution: player ranges! All players within a short radius of you will be visible if dynmap can see then.

    Survival - Satchel tweaks
    First thing's first: Satchels are officially fixed! There is no more chance of inventories reverting.

    Now the tweak: When you have a satchel open in your inventory, it now glows to indicate that it's open. This is incredibly useful when you are managing multiple satchels.

    Satchels are better than ever, make one for yourself and try it out!
    Recipes in the bottom floor of /warp Museum.

    Survival - LWC + Towny
    LWC has been updated to allow for nation locks! Just use /cmodify n:Nation to allow all members of a nation access!

    Also, notifications for adding towns to chests have been fixed, and using /cmodify @t:town or @n:nation will give all players in the group full chest rights
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