Survival Voting: July 2016

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    June 2016
    #1 Voter with 139 votes: ezeiger92
    #2 Voter with 117 votes: King_Videot
    #3 Voter with 76 votes: Alosapien

    150 Votes Club (4,000r)

    105 Votes Club (2,500r)
    ezeiger92 (139), King_Videot (117)

    70 Votes Club (1,500r)
    Alosapien (76), Joe_Lorodeth (74)

    With that, we're caught up on voting! 854 votes for July, not too bad.

    The podiums on our lobby automatically update, so they currently reflect these top voters. Prize money has also been handed out.
    We're working on a new way to distribute top voter trophies through /vtr claim rewards, so those have not yet been distributed.
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