Survival Snapshots (16/08)

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    Survival Build of the Week
    16th of August

    By Korky

    I totally did not select this build based off of Ezeiger's suggestion last week (And neither will I be selecting next week's from their either.

    I genuily almost died getting this screenshot. You better appreciate it

    I actually remember this build when it was just a circular wall on the ground in the middle of nowhere. Now it's a great build in the middle of nowhere with some really nice walls and buildings. There's also statues, details and items that you don't really see in many builds around the server these days.

    Pictured: About 2r worth of lapis lazuli

    To begin, what I liked about the build. This week what I enjoyed was the feel and detailing of the place. While the interiors of the buildings lacked details, this still felt proportioned about right for a real town (I would remind you that I come from a literal grid of a city), the areas never felt too tight or claustrophobic. There is also just the right amount of greenery and blunery to break the tedium of the yellow from the sand, drawing emphasis without overpowering.

    Other details that I liked (Apart from the walls, bc as you all know I adore walls) were the canals and the sphinx statues. Tbh I'm also a sucker for canals, and I thought Korky made an interesting choice making them slope downwards so that their ends are several blocks below sea level. It's worked well here and maintains the image of the water flowing instead of being stationary. The sphinx statues are easier to explain as any well done organics are great.

    If this was underground I would definitely be chanting "Kali Ma!"

    As with so many builds, my main grief (It means complaints guys, I'm too kind hearted to maliciously wreck other builds) is that it's still unfinished. I would guess that only about 70% of the buildings are done, as there's still a large area empty to the left of the entrance, and the interiors are still bare.

    Outside of that, my next point would be the flow of the build (I may be wrong on this, I could only spend 10 minutes there unfortunately). Apart from the temple I couldn't clearly point out what each building was, not where the townspeople would congregate. Again, this may just be an issue with how I personally was raised, as I come form a planned city where congregation areas tend to be planned in advance. It still reigns true though that when planning out a build a person should be able to get the important parts with a brief glance at the floor plan.

    That photobombing zombie tho

    So there you have it, Sabouli by Korky. My final thoughts on this build is that, in hindsight, it actually reminds me of a movie set for a film set in an ancient civilisation. I'm pretty sure that's a compliment. Yeah, definitely a compliment.

    What do you think? As always, I appreciate your feedback on these. What went well? What didn't? What would you like to see more of? Comment below, even if it's just to say that you enjoyed the build in all of its sandstone glory.
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