Creative Build of the Week (18/08)

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    Creative Build of the Week
    18th of August

    By @Annodyns

    I think you would all appreciate knowing that I'm dying inside while writing this. I spent yesterday walking to and from Uni, went out for dinner (Got voted into a position on my Rover Crew council), spent today walking home, and then got roped into doing indoor soccer this evening (Which is why this is an hour later than last week). If someone wants to come and massage my thigh that'd be great.


    This weeks build is brought to us by courtesy of Annodyns. Located approximately 6 blocks away from the last build I reviewed in builder world (Cemeterry's steam punk town), I'm actually fond of this bc I remember when it was being built, and I had a lot of fun playing on ftb with Anno and the rest of Circle Inc.


    The reason I enjoy this build so much is how grand and open it is. It's so large and towering above oneself, and yet it never feels fragile like it's about to collapse under its own weight. On a historical note, this is also roughly how far pillars were placed apart from real life (About 1.5x the columns width).

    The brown of the wood offsets the sandstone wonderfully, and Ann has taken every opportunity to include curves into the designs on the floor and wall. Going so far as to change wood types every few blocks in the spiral patterns on the floor so as to change the texture to keep the viewer interested (even if it reminds me of Neapolitan icecream).
    But Legend! You may cry. They forgot to include dark oak and acacia in the build! Well, you see kiddies this was built back in the days before those block types.

    final few quickfire details that I liked before we move on:
    • The intricate stairs pattern created on in the walls of the attic are of the build.
    • The statues and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, built from logs, ice and water?
    • The fact that every inch of this build is lit, while the glowstone is never overbearing.
    • The sign on the outside saying that they'll come back to fill the space. That's adorable.


    And now comes time for the criticisms, which is going to hurt me on the inside, bc my main one is how the outside is empty. The interior of the plot is so beautifully done while the outside is so bare. What makes this even worse is that I know there used to be an exterior in the old version of the server, but it never got carried over. Which is a shame bc it was taken to the same amount of detail as the rest of the build.


    Passing remark time. I enjoy this build because it reminds me of the good old days of Shadecrest, and I meant to go to bed an hour and a half ago (two hours ago now) so I'm kinda nostalgic. I keep saying I'm going to write these earlier in the day when I'm more awake. I should keep that in mind for next week.

    What do you think? As always, I appreciate your feedback on these. What went well? What didn't? What would you like to see more of? Comment below, even if it's just to say that you enjoyed the build.
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    Great build! It was cool how you commented on the architecture.

    It would be nice to include a warp to the build so players could explore it themselves.
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    :D Thanks!

    And thank you for asking for the warp. I searched through the the warps belonging to Ann, and it turns out that this actually still exists in terrain world at /warp Parthenon! Also negates my criticism for the plot, bc that was based around there being no surrounding details (I mean, there still are none, but there are at the warp.

    I may make a mini update on this thread tomorrow by way of apology to Ann.