Creative Build of the Week (25/08)

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    Creative Build of the Week
    18th of August

    Guest Plot
    By Aenimalistic

    I still feel guilty for missing Survival Snapshots, but as I said then and again now, I haven't been on MC at all these past few days. I do hope you all missed it <3 I'll be back again next week.


    I'm trying to figure out if it's a modern house bc of the glass, or an older one bc of the roof and wood

    This week's build is brought to us by Aenimalistic (Fingers crossed I spelt that right). I chose it because A: They're a darn good builder in their own right, and B: It reminds me of my own guest plot back in 2012 when I barely knew how to build. This build fits into the category of building for the sake of it, you could argue that it's a floating building, but truth is that you can't say that for certain.


    The window is ironically the only non-transparent part of the wall

    With this being a guest plot, there isn't a whole lot for me to say about what I liked here outside the detailing. My favourite two parts (without mentioning the detailing) would have to be the walls, which are a neat idea with stained glass, and other blocks complementing it nicely. The other part is beneath the path leading inwards, and that in the centre there is actually a small garden concealed underneath, it's hard to see from my screenshots, but it's almost like a terrarium or a greenhouse. It's a nice side detail that would've been easy to not build, but adds another layer of depth (no pun intended) and thought into the build.

    I know I should mention the flying structure in this bit, but I'm not too sure what I can say about it. It's a sweet flying.. ..thing, and is what I would describe as how a magical creature that had never seen a house before would make one if you described it to them.


    Remove the whole interior of your house and replace it with a brazier! Fun for the whole family

    Brace yourselves people, because I'm actually going to do some criticism here that isn't detailing or empty rooms for once. It's here that my terrarium comment from before becomes a little more relevant, but instead it's for the entire ground section as a whole. Walking through the inside it reminded me very much of a zoo enclosure, except that in a turn of events it was the people who were being kept there. Large open areas with transparent walls, very little to block line of sight, and little reason for anyone to actually be in there, not even a bench for someone visiting the park, assuming people can just float upwards into the structure.

    To fix this, from my point of view of course, I would probably add some sort of use or functionality to the area. As it stands there is actually very little reason why any of us would enter the area as the path just stops dead in the centre. Even some sort of connection (ideally figurative, not literal) between the ground and the above to link the two would go a way to fixing the area.


    It occurs to me that this is how pigeons feel

    Concluding remarks: This build works well as a proof of concept, and of proof of the builder's skills. It's nice, but the idea and driving concept are a bit too vague for my tastes. I would take the time to remind every to keep in mind the driving concept behind each build; every building has a purpose and your build should to (even if it's symbolic)

    What do you think? As always, I appreciate your feedback on these. What went well? What didn't? What would you like to see more of? Comment below, even if it's just to say that you enjoyed the build.
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    I remember Aenimalistic. He/she rose through the ranks very fast. I think he/she got to Apprentice within a month. Very impressive builder, though he/she sadly disappeared shortly after. :(

    I was remember being Builder 2 when he joined. A month later, he/she was Apprentice, and I was still Builder 2. Very fast builder.

    For old time's sake, I've dug up a few screenshots.

    Here is Aenimalistic by the very build in the post.


    For those of you who don't know, Aenimalistic was actually part of my old survival town(Oaktown) for a while. He built a house there in very similar style to the one depicted in this thread.

    It's a bit hard to see, but it's the spruce wood house in the background.



    Closer look.


    And here's him just starting out in town.


    I hope you all enjoyed that trip down memory lane. I didn't know Aenimalistic long, but I'm glad that I did. He eventually moved on from my town though, lol.;)