Creative Highlight of the Week (08/09)

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    Creative Highlight of the Week
    8th of September

    /warp Airship
    By CW390

    I swear I should be good to do Survival Snapshots next week. I have no idea why, but I've had no time on Tuesday nights these past few weeks for some reason.

    The reason why I chose this week's build should be well known if anyone knows of my history on Shadecrest. /Warp Airship was the actual reason I joined the server in the first place. Hence it holds a special place in my heart even if I haven't seen CW around in a while.

    The ship was cut in half to make room for the sunrise

    As I said guys, this was what brought me to the server in the first place. It's no wonder that I still love coming back here from time to time (and indeed, I was the one that made sure it was copied/pasted from the previous terrain world).

    CW's imagination has wrought these behemoths in the sky, roaming around the build (or flying as is the case) it's not hard to imagine these floating gently through the sky above a city or fields. Each of these vessels has its own unique feel. Two large pleasure/civilian vessels, and another battleship. I know there is a ship cut in half (see the image above), I must've goofed the transfer a few years ago.

    It's amusing going back to older builds. Stuff like this was made when there were near half as many wood types, and you can see that oak and spruce are the favoured building blocks. Goes to show how we did it back in the day peeps. CW's work is a good example in diagonal lines and curves. The scale smooths out the edginess, helping it to appear smoother than it would were it smaller.

    There's also a clock tower here, which in hindsight doesn't make sense. Unless of course we assume it as a beacon instead of something designed to tell the time. A combination lighthouse/clock if you will, a lick? Cloght? Clockhouse?

    My other ship is a porsche

    How to improve and lessons to take away. It feels weird writing this section, this was THE standard when I was learning to build back in 2012; in some ways I've surpassed this, but I also don't do curves as well still.

    Where I would suggest improvements could be made is in the decks of the ship. They're a wide open space, and feel empty. It's personally hard for me to imagine them filled with crew, as then the balloons on top and the supports would feel too flimsy and it would collapse.

    Which brings me to the balloons, which feel almost too thin to be the only thing holding them up. Consider the real world equivalent in which hot air balloons are held up by an inflatable many times the size of the basket, now consider these examples in which the basket is twice as large as the balloons. I would either go for a 1:1 ratio, or smaller supporting balloons.

    These are still amazing ships irrespective; but I'm a firm believer in functionality first.

    No railings? That an OH&S violation!

    Concluding remarks: CW's build remains something that I've seen imitations of on the server, yet this still remains the first amongst them, and the greatest. Just check out the terrain world spawn for yet another example of their airships. I suppose the argument could be made that the flow of the build is slightly broken bc it was copy/pasted and this isn't the original build, but it's still a great case study for new builders.

    What do you think? As always, I appreciate your feedback on these. What went well? What didn't? What would you like to see more of? Comment below, even if it's just to say that you enjoyed the build.

    Even the sun fails to illuminate the night apparently
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