Survival Snapshots (13/09)

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    Survival Build of the Week
    9th of August

    The Half Finished Tree
    By ?????????

    GUESS WHO HAS A TUESDAY FREE FINALLY!!! I kid you not, I've had so much on my plate these past few Tuesdays, haven't been able to do this in ages.

    This week's highlight is probably going to be the last of the one's suggested by Eze in a previous post (Thanks m8, saved me a bit of time on Dynmap. I have a good idea of places to look now). Again I've failed to find who built this. You guys should all place a sign at your builds so random people who travel 7000 blocks know who it belongs to.

    When does a colour stop being red and start being pink?

    This weeks build was brought to my attention due to the titular tree. The tree itself is finished, but the structure at the base is not.

    Seeing organic builds on this scale is always a testament to dedication on the part of the builder. A key part of builds like this is being able to take a step back and judge a build for yourself, something that is very difficult when you can't go /creative and do a fly-over.

    Aside from this, as you can see in the picture is the beginnings of a large structure, presumably a home/farm/keep. The stone corner you see is the only one completed so far, although there is a partial interior. I wonder if there's anything in the rules against moving into abandoned builds to finish it; for any new player this would be a worthy restoration project with theming and simple structure already constructed. The builder was talented, that much was obvious, but there's enough that anyone should be able to at least imitate.

    I should really blur out the creepers face in the interests of privacy

    In looking at this build though, I got the sensation that the builder wanted to build a tree but wasn't sure how to use it. The staircase feels larger than suits the tree, and doesn't lead to anywhere as the top isn't large enough. It makes a good watch tower, but not a dwelling as of yet.

    It's actually kinda hard to judge at the moment, the build's like a small concentration of quality building, but little else. To improve, aside from finishing work on it, I would recommend paths and whatnot to conjoin the areas of the build. A path is a great way to entice a visitor to travel, and is background detailing that can be sorely missed if you focus on the main areas.

    I swear I wasn't in creative mode when I took this screencap

    In conclusion, I feel like I should sometimes rename this series into the Haunted Tour of Abandoned Builds. This build had so much potential to be a landmark build on the server, and it's not hard to picture how it would've expanded with more buildings and grand entrances. An easy way to stay motivated by the way peoples, is to invite others to browse your build (and hear them say how good it looks :p). It breaks the isolation of building by yourself and gives you feedback. It's one of the reasons I myself showcase my projects whenever I'm online, as there's little reason to build online if no one sees it.

    What do you think? As always, I appreciate your feedback on these. What went well? What didn't? What would you like to see more of? Comment below, even if it's just to say that you enjoyed the build in all of its half-finished glory.

    It looks like a large vegetarian pizza from this angle tbh
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    Oh my god, those captions xD
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