Survival Snapshots (20/09)

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    Survival Snapshots
    20th of September

    A lonely home
    By ?????????

    Two Tuesdays in a row, gosh I've really lucked out. Although I have missed the Creative Highlight for last week. So maybe it's a Harry Potter "Neither can live while the other survives" type deal.

    This week's snapshot is a lonely house that I found, again with no owner. I wonder if there's any server rules which say you can move into abandoned houses? Pretty sweet idea if there isn't.

    It probably costs a fortune to keep pumping the water back up this high

    I was drawn to this build because it's actually rather nicely made compared to most abandoned builds I see. The above screenshot doesn't do it justice, but the house isn't a straight box (It's a U), the walls actually have detailing, and the roof is sloped. It's honestly something that I see more on creative than I do on survival. There's even a series of beacons, and quite an advanced auto-farm set-up.

    The dominant blocks used in this build are the spruce as you can see, trimmed with cobblestone, which I had forgotten was an amazing combination when done right. Overall this build is a nifty place and definitely a good inspiration for any new builders.

    The use of jack-o-lanterns is also something that I don't see too often, and it made it nice and happy to wander through the area :D

    The sun's playing peek-a-boo with us!

    There are two things that I would improve upon in this build, one inside and one between.

    My first is that all the furniture in the building is also made of spruce. I understand that it's the most common material with which to build, but now the chairs look the same as the floors, same as the walls, and same as the ceiling! Contrast is important guys, and with the amount of warps available to you you can very easily get oak for some nicer furniture. With some places it looks nice, but with others it looks like you're moulded the building.

    My second is the paths connecting the build (house and farms). They're just so simplistic, and with the effort gone into the build it becomes really apparent. Straight thin lines of gravel are ever so slightly overdone. The best and easiest way to really add some subtle texture to your gravel paths is to mix in some small amount of cobble and andesite to the mix. There's no precise ratio to this however, so have a play around.

    The closest we're going to get to a floating monument of technology in survival

    I actually ended up liking this build more than I was expecting. Too often I tp to a build to find the skill is lacking from my expectations. This is a really cool example of what I hope most survival homes end up like. I do get the feeling that some of you will know who built this, so feel free to drop a comment below.

    What do you think? As always, I appreciate your feedback on these. What went well? What didn't? What would you like to see more of? Comment below, even if it's just to say that you enjoyed the build in all of its well-built glory.

    A great vantage point for water bombing Christmas carolers