Survival Snapshots (27/09)

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    Survival Snapshots
    27th of September

    Isolated home
    By @Taldath

    Feels kinda weird writing about someone who's still sorta active on SC. It's also one that I remember being made, which is always a fun experience.

    This weeks highlight, as you may have guessed from the title, is the wonderful home of Taldath. Located all the way over in the dangerous territory of the pvp world.

    That gap in the wall is a remarkable oversight on the architects part
    What always strikes me first when I see this build is the colour choices. Dark oak and acacia is always a good contrasting choice; dark oak is personally my favourite wood choice, and the acacia lights up the build so it's not all dark and gloomy. The house itself follows the forever trendy style of what I think of as tiered medieval. You know right, each floor slightly overhangs the previous?

    Tal actually took an interesting approach with the walls here as well. While the walls are the same shape as you would expect, what Tal has done is made it out of a combination cobble and stone brick, interspersing the brick randomly throughout the build (At about a 1:2 brick:cobble ratio). This serves to variate the texture while keep the style simple and clean.

    Moving on from building tips, and into the buildings interior. While having a rather spartan interior, this building has probably what is one of my favourite layouts. Tal has taken every measure to ensure a non-linear interior. I must admit I also suffer from the standard main room, corridor side room standard layout. This build on the other hand, there's the entranceway, then the initial main area is slightly lowered, then up the stairs the landing does the same, which you can either go up a ladder, some stairs, or down again to another room. This sense of exploration makes this build a joy to explore. (I'm really bad at conveying this idea via text sorry, the idea is that the layout is interesting in 3 dimensions as well as the normal 2)

    For such a small build, there's a surprising amount of things I'm writing amount. The final thing is the forest surrounding the build, and was what I remember Tal making. If I recall they were quite proud of it. Here they've made a dense fairytale forest, complete with vines, mossy-cobble and not a single clearing through which the sun can shine.

    This shot looks like it's from a real estate brochure tbh

    The next areas to work on in this build, I would personally recommend the area between the walls and the buildings. It's just been left green, and with such love/detail put into the rest of the build, this actually stands out quite a bit. A green sweatband on an otherwise pleasant costume. From here I would pay attention to the borders of the build. It's very clear where they've cut into the earth to build, and without blending it comes across as very crude. Sure it takes time, but then again so does building in the first place.

    (This paragraph is also a bit crude, sorry I'm tired tonight and almost forgot to do this)

    The moon looks like it's judging me from up there

    Another week, another great build brought to you, can you believe I've already done 8 of these? Taldath's build really is a fun little one to explore, but I probably shouldn't post co-ords seeing as it is there home and all (Although there isn't anything stopping you from looking around the top part of the dynmap). I mean, I could post co ords, but you guys don't really seem that fussed on seeing these builds yourself. But anyways, that's enough rambling from me.

    What do you think? As always, I appreciate your feedback on these. What went well? What didn't? What would you like to see more of? Comment below, even if it's just to say that you enjoyed the build in all of its charming glory.

    I legitimately stood there for 15 minutes waiting for this shot

    There would undoubtedly be leeches in this pond irl

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    Thanks Legend! I waiting to see if you'd include my build in the snapshot :p