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    We are now running an unofficial cluster for ARK. You can transfer to / from any of the servers on the customer (yes that includes procedural). This can be done at any obelisk or even a supply drop. All servers in the cluster use the exact same server settings, mods, etc. As always, updated values to settings, our mod collection, etc are available here:

    Use at your own risk though because from what I can tell as it's still a very new feature, that comes with it being very buggy. For example just to test I was able to move from Procedural to TheCenter, but not all the items in my inventory transferred over (oddly it was items that were just generic stuff like my canteen and GPS). Then when I transferred back, I kinda got just a blank spawning screen and had to disconnect / reconnect to be able to spawn. Furthermore and probably the biggest deal breaker IMO is tribe affiliation is lost when you move back and forth.

    The existing procedural map was kept and a fresh TheIsland and TheCenter maps where spun up within the cluster. I did this because no one it seems has been playing on TheCenter any time recently. If people are bothered by this decision I do have a backup of TheCenter but a lot of work will have to go into parsing through conflicting player / tribe data between the two.

    Again, use at your own risk. Hopefully they continue to improve upon this feature (as is evident with the last several hotfixes) and improve the ability to reliably transfer characters, items, and dinos back and forth (while also maintaining tribal affiliation).
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    A bit of an update. It seems like transfering between servers does work. You don't lose tribe affiliation when moving from server to server (you will be in a unique tribe per server, in my case I'm in a "Western Explorers" tribe on each of the 3 servers).

    Makes sure when moving from server to server, you can use "TRANSMIT ARK DATA" button in the top middle to transfer items or dinos, but when you are moving your character use the green button in the top right corner of the screen labeled "TRAVEL TO ANOTHER ARK".

    Alternatively you could just never move between servers, instead you could have 3 characters, one on each server, but that means three times the leveling and the intention of this feature is supposed to be that that you can travel easily (and quickly) between the servers.

    It's still a bit buggy (aka the buffer overflow error which can sometimes get you killed) so I'll continue with keep my stance of use at your own risk. Sometimes you can even experience a situation where you transfer, arrive, and when you get to destination your character didn't transfer and is lost forever.

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    More updates on my further testing on cluster transfering. It's pretty safe to transfer overall, just know that sometimes you may get disconnected with the buffer overflow when spawning in.

    Sometimes, rarely, after logging back in after the buff overflow is that your character is not there, your character will be in the ARK buffer and you will have to download them to the server. This seems to happen most often when I travel to the procedural server. Fortunately your tribe affiliation will be retained in that situation.

    As I've stated in other posts, there is still an issue with some items trasnfering over. You can test what items will and won't by uploading items using the "TRANSMIT ARK DATA" feature.
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