Western Explorers - Todo List

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    Compy, Male, prime, 136+
    Dimorph, Male, prime,136+

    Titanaboa, Female, prime, 224+
    Anky, Female, dilo kibble, 136+
    Pachy, Male & Female, dilo kibble, 136+
    Parasaur, Female, crops, 136+
    Quetz, Male, prime, sperm doner
    Mammoth, Male or Female, raptor kibble, 240
    Direbear, Male, carno kibble, 240
    Rex, Female, scorp kibble, 240
    Ikthy, Male and Female, dodo kibble, 240
    Ptera, Male and Female, dodo kibble, 240
    Shark, Male or Female, prime, 240
    Pelagornis, Male or Female, compy kibble, 240
    Diplo, Female, lystro kibble, 240
    Diplo, Male, lystro kibble, 100+
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