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    Until now, since we've had a very small player population, I've managed all the game updates manually. Fortunately, we're beginning to get more and more new players and this is becoming burdensome since ARK is releasing sometimes several updates a day. Plus, for a long time I've wanted regular restarts for the servers just to keep things running smoothly.

    • Automated checks for updates every 15 minutes w/ 60 minutes of warnings
    • Automated restart at noon / midnight PST
    • Automated backups on any restart
    • Automated mod updates on any restart
    • Restarts happen immediately if no one is online or if everyone logs off
    So I've now (*finger's crossed I did it right*) setup automated checks for updates every 15 minutes, so when there is an update it will notify the players that an update restart is coming, save the world, back it up, apply the update, and then restart.

    There should also be scheduled automated restarts every 12 hours at noon / midnight PST.

    When either there is a game update or an automated restart, the server will also check / update any mods that need updating as well. In theory, there could be a time where there are no game updates, but a mod update comes and you might have a mismatch with the server. In this case, send me a message and I can apply the update or just wait till the next automated restart.

    Hopefully this should help keep things properly up to date and running smoothly, even if an update comes when I'm not around.

    On a side note, I have a new admin who's helping me out on TheIsland server, @Eman3dude. I spread my time across all the clusters, but likely will be spending the majority of my time on TheCenter and Procedural. My tribe will have bases on all servers and hopefully as they fix the weird bugs with traveling across the cluster, I'll move back and forth between all of them more frequently.
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    Hello Shadecrest! I'll be helping out with The Island ark server and figured I should introduce myself to those who don't know me from the MC servers. Give me a shout or message me if you need a hand with an issue in ark and I will do my best to help. Alternately, I'll check the forum boards regularly so as always you can leave comments and questions there. Keep playing, have fun and enjoy your day!
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    A bit of an update on the cluster server bugs:

    It seems like ARK has partially fixed the ARK item transfer issue with SOME more items. Previously metal, metal ingots, Flak, Binoglass, GPS, food, and canteens didn't transfer.

    Now it seems like the only thing in that list is Food and Canteens (full or empty) that are still getting the "006 - Time out" bug. Kibble as well. I'm guessing any kind of food, water, or water container is currently still failing to transfer.

    As a reminder if you want to test if any item is going to transfer safely or not, just the the "Transmit ARK Data" feature to upload items directly and it will either go into the ARK Data inventory or will lag for about 30 seconds and give you the timeout error.

    Traveling between servers still has the issue of the outgoing buffer error / disconnect. It works, it's just janky as hell as mentioned in a previous post. Traveling to procedural still causes a blank spawn screen, followed by having to "download" your survivor manually, followed by a disconnect. It's a pain in the neck, but like I said, it works. Continue to help bug ARK Devs to fix the bug.
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