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    For quite some time now, VIP donations have been drying up at least in part thanks to the changes Mojang made to their EULA. For quite some time now, the server has been paid largely completely out of pocket by imaxorz. The cost for hosting the server isn't cheap so let's try a little experiment.

    Without any commitments, if you wanted to help keep ShadeCrest alive with a small monthly donation (like via Patreon or something) how much would you contribute? I just want to get an overall ballpark so we know the overall difference in what we have to come up.

    Keep in mind if we do this via Patreon, any excess dollars we raise would likely go into actually having a marketing budget and advertising the server which overtime would grow the community, grow the number of people potentially contributing, and lessen the burden of individuals who might in the short term be willing to fund a somewhat larger share of the cost.

    Edit: (Max)
    Here are the figures for server costs.
    Buycraft: (2016 donations) (Buycraft itself costs £4.99/month or about $6.26/month)
    Server cost:
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    I think that it's a good idea. I'd donate. --though ballpark figures are tricky for me, as my income fluctuates quite a bit month to month. I'm wondering what number of players on this server are of "donate-able age"---aka 18 years +.
  3. Wow Max! Well I signed up for a monthly subscription, not for benefits, just as a thank you. This server holds a special place in my heart. Also, our family still gets on and plays survival now and then. We used to couldn't afford to donate much but I can now. Thanks for everything!
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