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    I've been thinking some cool things that could be part of a vip rank or stand-alone package for our shop.

    Supply drops
    Awesome kits that are dropped at a random (announced) location

    Disable elytra damage for a period of time

    Increase random tick speed, affecting grass, tree, and crop speeds, for a period of time

    Votes are multiplied for all milestone rewards (mining reset, etc)

    Disable warp warm-up

    Double exp gain
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    Disable warp warm-up

    This, now, thank you. Will pay all da monies.

    With that, I know you've been on about money sinks, ways people can put money into a features, like lockpicks has ish-kinda-maybe done, but I think a few of these things might be good not only as standalone perks on the online store, but maybe even possible to obtain through a certain amount of money in-game, it could possibly maybe not be as effective as the what the online store feature is, but might be a possible incentive.

    For example, Druid.

    Online Store - $5.99(whatever amount) - Works for 2 hours.

    In-game Store - 3,500 Rupees - Works for 45 minutes.

    It, therefore, wouldn't equate to the same amount of both stores, in-game and online, but would allow people in-game, who don't have the IRL money to purchase such items without having experienced the outcome first.
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