Happy New Years! (This year in ShadeCrest)

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    Another year has come to an end, thank you guys for sharing your time with us :) Despite the hardships, it's been a pleasure chatting with old members and meeting new friends.
    When you get into the day-to-day grind, it's easy to lose track of where we came from, so let's take this opportunity to go over some of the major changes from 2016.

    Minecraft versions:
    We went though what felt like a record number of versions, including one that broke survival so badly we needed to grab a backup! But new versions are the driving force for minecraft's growth, so we welcome them and the players they bring.

    1.9 - Combat update with end cities, elytra, and dual-wielding
    1.9.4 - Many bug fixes and Netty based server blacklist
    1.10 - Polar bears, Husks, Strays, and fancy nether blocks
    1.10.2 - Bug fixes and (annoyingly) made farmland shorter, with glitchy results :(
    1.11 - Exploration update: Illagers, offhand maps, cursed enchantments, shulker boxes, and llamas
    1.11.2 - Iron nuggets and "sweeping edge" enchantment

    New survival plugins:
    There were many new features added by creating new plugins! Well, Satchels isn't entirely our own plugin, but it's been modified so heavily that we're counting it.

    Satchels - Portable storage (before shulker boxes)
    Town chat - The return of town chat channels
    Random tp - Quickly find a new location to build or dig
    Dynrange - Show nearby players on dynmap
    Slot machines - Gambling! Yay!
    TownyTweaks - Biome changes, intruder detection, lots of fun stuff

    Ark surival evolved:
    We started servers for Ark less than a year ago! It feels like they've been around the entire time. Our servers have now cycled through many different mods, windows and linux hosting, and are now using a server cluster to connect worlds. If you have Ark and want to join, click the sidebar link on the main page!

    Behind the scenes:
    There has been a bunch of things changed outside of public view to ensure the server runs smoothly. We can only mention a handful because the rest are meaningless for normal players.

    Teamspeak ranks
    Forum email fix
    Forum rank updates
    Dynamic MOTD for minecraft

    Later today we're going to add a free fireworks kit to the server for fun times reining in the new year, so be sure to hop on and have some fun!

    Happy 2016 ya scrubs, and I'd better see your faces back here in 2017! :)
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    Happy birthday, Earth :)

    Er, at least happy birthday to the PST section of Earth...
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    Good to see Shadecrest through another year. I hope to see it last many more to come. Also, I am developing an advertising campaign for Shadecrest as a player community. I would like to include parts from both Minecraft AND Ark, and was wondering if I might get some feedback from the community. Why do you all like Shadecrest over other servers? I know I have my reasons, and other have theirs too--but knowing what brings us together would greatly help my final direction with this project. So Shadecrest: What makes you love Shadecrest?
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  6. What is ARK?? Old player --behind times.
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    Steam Game:
    Play as a human in dinosaur times

    Build a base
    Tame & ride
    Fight other players

    there is also a hunger games style version
  8. I see. Well .. that third line makes up my mind. :) No Ark for me!
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    Well the third line has to do with what kind of server it is.

    ShadeCrest servers are PVE, not PVP so no fighting other players. Just surviving, building, taming, riding dinos, adventuring, exploration, etc.