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    I will definitely show this server some love!

    1. As Wade mentioned above I love being able to play MC with him when he is away at college. He is my best friend and I always have a good time when we are on together. Even if that does mean 2 hour long phone calls because my computer does not like to run discord and MC at the same time, lol.
    2. The COMMUNITY! This community has grown so much in the few short months that I have been playing. I enjoy talking to everyone and helping out anyone I can. Speaking of helping, I love the fact that everyone is eager to lend a hand, whether it is helping with labor, giving objects, or just telling some ideas to get the juices flowing, it is always really nice.
    3. Definitely the quests. Anyone who talks to me often knows I am all about those quests, they are super fun and I feel like it gives me an objective to complete. I am not just living through the days, I am trying to work through something.

    So yeah, sorry it's so lengthy, but this server has so many great aspects and so many great players.
    * Thank you Ezeiger for keeping the server running smoothly!
    And a shout out to Goosey, Stefan, Alo, Lachie, and Mietm for always lending a hand and being so super friendly. You guys are the best and I hope to get to know each of you more as time passes!
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    I appreciate your commentary, but its important to keep up the good work and keep a general inviting air to the server. I'd like to see more towns and nations popup through out the map and a more active economy would make gameplay more interesting. what specifically could help with this is another matter, but I believe we are at least going in a positive direction