Do you like fishing ?

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  1. _Toryn_

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    Hi there, (first, sorry for my bad english writting skill)

    Here is a mod suggestion i would like to see added in the future:
    *MoreFish mod.

    It's a fishing event that can be ran by OP command or automatically scheduled on the hour you want it to run.
    This mod is really fun and doesn't really break the minecraft gameplay, it also add a bit of fishing competition with other as you have to fish the biggest one to be ranked #1. It come with a fisht vendor that will buy your fish for x amount of money depending of the size of your fish.
    While the event is "on" you can only fish MoreFish fish, then once the event is done, mcmmo fish take back priority like normal.

    If you need screenshot of it i can provide somes. If you want to test it out, i can give you my personnal server ip.
    And... thats it. Really think it would be fun :D

    Anyway, i would really like to see what other have to say about this mod.
    Thanks all, take it easy!
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  2. ezeiger92

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    I'm guessing this is the plugin?
    It looks neat and very configurable. I'll definitely take a closer look when I get a little time, thanks!
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  3. _Toryn_

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    Yes, that is exactly the plugin i was talking about. Any other players that is lurking the forum think it would be a good thing, to add this fishing event at all ? I can't be the only one surely :D
  4. Mietm

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    This sounds like an intriguing and fun thing to do from time to time!
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  5. Taylor_Dawn94

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    This sounds really fun! And I think it would be great for our community as we currently do not have any "events" to bring us together! So, a yes from me! :D
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