Survival Spleef - Now Open!

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  1. lachie314159265

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    At /warp Shop, there is now a spleef arena open! Simply turn around and follow the path up into the arena to compete with your friends for spleef champion!

    For the best experience, an efficiency V diamond pickaxe is recommended, and haste II potions (to enable instamining) can be bought for a low price at the arena. Additionally, to spice things up even further, snowballs can be bought at the arena if you wish to use them.

    Once you're eliminated, lifts on either side can take you back up to the platform, to either play again or spectate the ongoing match. When done, please regenerate the board using the lever on the redstone lamp in the corner, and deactivate once fully rebuilt!

    Just to recap, the warp is /warp Shop, and just follow the path to the arena :)

    For those who don't know how to play, you simply break the blocks under your opponent's feet while they do the same to you, and the aim is to be the last player standing!

    Have a heap of fun!

    - lachie314159265

    note: the terraforming around the sides of the board has not yet been finished, if you'd like to help with that, just send me a message/mail ingame
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  2. lachie314159265

    lachie314159265 New Member VIP

    Update: Given it's in PVE, snowballs are ineffective, so I've replaced them with speed II potions, also available to buy at the arena
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    Looking forward to watching some people play! I'm glad you got it finished :D
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    It's superfun! Everyone should give it a shot!