Warning: Server Maintenance Incoming!

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    -edit- Servers online again!

    We're moving to a new server host to A. cut costs a bit and B. hopefully resolve once and for all the issues with the server crashing as it has been over the last few months. Please be patient with us while we transition the server. We've been busy behind the scenes preparing the new one and we're trying to make the transition as smooth as possible, but as always there will be unexpected bumps along the way.

    We'll be on Discord throughout the transition so if people have questions we'll be there. The website should still be online / available so nothing to worry about there. Other things to expect are some lag as we backup files, copy things like configs, and such (non world files), etc. Sorry about that. :-(

    We are going to try to minimize downtime and shut down servers, move world files, then change DNS over to the new server with a seamless transition as possible. Unfortunately the "seamless" and DNS don't actually go hand in hand quite so well sometimes because ISP's and such like caching DNS and even if we've updated it on our end sometimes it takes a while for things to transition. In the event people are trying to connect to the new server (once we've switched over) and people are having issues with DNS, we will provide the new IP address.

    One bit of bad news regarding ARK, although I'm sure no one will care... I'm consolidating the server down to a single server, just TheIsland. No one was really playing on TheCenter, I know because it was crashing constantly for no good explainable reason and I think I was the only one who ever played on Procedural. So for now we're going to just have TheIsland available going forward on the new server.
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    update bump, moving servers
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    still being hosted with max?
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    servers down.... ;)
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    Yea, our host is having some issues right now. We only posted in discord because we figured it'd be fixed by now.... RIP
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    Wait so what does this mean

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    Nothing at this point. It already happened.
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    Update: The wiki is back online after near infinite amounts of salt and swearing.
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