The Forgotten Updates: v2.0!

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    Weekly updates, huh? That's just silly - how about a half an update every 6 months!
    Seriously though, this post was long overdue at the beginning of 2017. These are from late September 2016 to early December 2016. Enjoy!

    • Survival - Tutorial reminders
    • Survival - Mail bulletins
    • Survival - Limited /tpa and /tphere
    • Survival - Soulbound
    • Survival - Pages in /mail
    • Survival - Satchels 3.0 & 3.1

    Survival - Tutorial reminders
    The tutorial now reminds players if they sit on a command for too long. A simple but effective way to clear some confusion for new players taking the tutorial.

    Survival - Mail bulletins
    Mail has been improved! Along with supporting multiple pages (rather than spamming all messages on /mail list), we can now send important messages to all players via a bulletin!
    This will be used to inform existing players of any changes we've made to the server, and appears in your inbox as from "ShadeCrest" (in red text)

    Survival - Limited /tpa and /tphere
    /tpa and /tpahere (and their aliases) can now be used to help players regroup after using /wild. This is essentially the same as /wild <player>, but using much more familiar commands.

    Survival - Soulbound
    This plugin replaces the former "partial death drops" and fixes multiple issues from it.

    There is no cost or "drop mode" to worry about, all slots have a 50% chance of dropping.
    When you are too close to other players or die by pvp, soulbound will not be able to save items.

    That's all! Much more simple than it used to be :)

    Survival - Pages in /mail
    Mail has pages! If you have 200 messages for some sad reason, it will no longer murder your entire chat history!

    Survival - Satchels 3.0 & 3.1
    Satchels have been greatly improved this time around. Here's the changelog:
    (Non-empty) satchels display fill percent
    Open satchels can be moved in your inventory
    If the open satchel is dropped in any way, the gui closes
    Fixed multiple item eating/duplicating bugs
    Not that you'll need to open existing satchels before they start displaying percentages.

    They have also been patched to correctly interact with shulker boxes, so that neither can be placed inside the other.
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    Changed name because I'm a derp and forgot what I named this sort of thing last time.