The New "Weekly" Update Thread

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    Oh look, it's this thread again!


    • Survival - Towny upkeep changes
    • Survival - QuestWorld update!
    • Survival - Villager trade tweaks
    • Survival - TownyTweaks permission update!
    • Survival - Fools gold
    • Survival - Modified /wild
    • Survival - /warp for towns
    • Web - Update player stats page w/ warps and economy
    • Web - Updated server resource ips
    • Web - Upgraded Wiki to 1.28.2
    • Web - New player stat page!

    Survival - Towny upkeep changes
    Instead of charging per town rank , towns will be charged based on claimed plots. This is a more fair way of doing pricing, and doesn't punish towns for adding new members.

    - Town upkeep per plot will be 50r
    - Towns will be able to claim 4 plots per player in town
    - Maximum bonus plots will be reduced to 40
    - Outposts will be disabled

    Survival - QuestWorld update!
    QuestWorld has been changed to add Repeating quests
    These refresh immediately after completion, and this is the new setting for all Trade quests!
    There's also been a number of bug fixes that shouldn't affect you, but make our lives easier as staff.

    Survival - Villager trade tweaks
    Villager trading has been tweaked to reflect the proposal here:

    Survival - TownyTweaks permission update!
    TownyTweaks, our lovely homebrew towny hacking plugin, now assigns permissions to players based on their town rank.
    What does this mean? In the future, we'll be able to create perks for being part of a large town, which will further incentivize maintaining good towns!

    Survival - Fools gold
    Mesa gold is incredibly common. Economy breaking-ly common. Now all of the "extra" gold generated in mesas will drop "Fools Gold", which is a renamed iron nugget .

    If you don't like this change, don't fear! We'll be removing that extra gold generation in the future and you'll never have to deal with this again :D

    Survival - Modified /wild
    The /wild command has been very helpful in getting players into new areas. Sadly, it destroyed the need to explore . The cooldown was meant to help, but the fundamental problem is still there.

    So what did we do? The command can only reach half of the terrain in any given world. The outer edges cannot be reached without exploration, which we think is a good compromise.

    Survival - /warp for towns
    Small tweak after seeing a number of failed attempts to /warp townname. Now /warp townname actually works, assuming there are no warps that share the towns name .

    Web - Updated player stats page w/ warps and economy
    Our stats page (both the old and new version) are once again able to pull data from our economy and warp plugins!

    Web - Updated server resource ips
    The server resource pages now have the correct server ips. Yay!

    Web - Upgraded Wiki to 1.28.2
    The wiki was upgraded. It was a pain, but now it should work for the next 6 years -_-

    Web - New player stat page!
    Tentative url:
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