The "X" Update Thread (Where "X" is never "Weekly")

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    Hey, I made it under a month this time. Progress!

    • General - 1.12?
    • Survival - New Staff
    • Survival - "Did you mean?"
    • Survival - Lockpicks!

    General - 1.12?
    So plugins are a pain to update, and after nearly 20 hours of hacking at old stuff, we've decided to go the ViaVersion route. Players with 1.12 will be able to connect just fine, but the server will continue to run 1.11.2 for a bit. We'll let you know before that changes

    Survival - New Staff
    Hazbo_56 has been promoted to moderator, (belated congrats!) and he has been a big help so far, including being the driving force behind lockpicks! <3 hazbo

    Survival - "Did you mean?"
    The looks are still a bit rough, but we have command suggestions on the server whenever an incorrect command is typed! Try "/jelp", "/waro", or other non commands for yourself!

    Survival - Lockpicks!
    Lockpicks let players unlock old chests on the server. A chest is "old" when the owner has not been online for X months.
    Current editions for sale at /warp Bank:
    • Sapphire - Unlocks chests 12 months and older
    • Emerald - Unlocks chests 8 months and older, 25% faster, 20% more durable than Sapphire!
    • Ruby - Unlocks chests 4 months and older, 50% faster, 60% more durable than Sapphire!
    See the Buyers Guide at /warp Bank for more details
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    Thank you for all your work on this, Erik! If I lived on the right continent I'd totally buy you a beer.
    ... or a pop.
    ... or a burger.
    ... or something...
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    Lockpicks, interesting concept. I like it.
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    Credit to Hazbo_56 for that one. I had toyed with a similar concept before, but he made one that could actually work :)
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