Questing Rework!

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  1. ezeiger92

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    I'm currently the main developer of our questing plugin, and I've added a number of features to the plugin that we haven't had a chance to use. So rather than once again tweaking small things in the current system, let's rethink how the whole system works :)

    Main changes:
    • Category selection supports infinite* pages
    • Quest selection supports infinite* pages
    • Adding new types of missions is extremely easy
    * As long as it's not so many that the computer has space issues!

    Here are some examples of what's now possible:
    • Mission to reach a level in a skill in McMMO
    • Mission that takes money to complete
    • Missions that hook into any of the other plugins we have
    • One category that holds a submit quest for every item in the game

    So I want suggestions of kinds of missions to add, changes to any existing categories, and additions of categories. Go!
  2. Mietm

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    Does it support "delivery" quests? Something like you have to drop x item into x hopper in spawn? This could be a great way to get people to explore more of the things we have available. Or even "get to X location" Give a 5 rupee reward for getting to the bank, the casino, etc.

    I'll keep thinking!
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  3. ezeiger92

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    There is already location missions, dropping stuff into a hopper seems kind of arbitrary. There's a request on the project page for "submit at location", which is essentially the same thing and is something I'm adding.
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  4. Hazbo_56

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    I think adding variety to the quests would be awesome, even if there was an entire page dedicated to 'misc.' quests, delivery, mcMMO ranking, etc.' would be a nice way to allow players to have variety when it comes to quests, making them more interesting and just more of an interactive thing, rather than it being a 'oh, I guess I'll do this and then not worry about it', kinda thing!
  5. Taylor_Dawn94

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    I'll put on my thinking cap and let you know when I have some ideas.