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    I have not been very active of late but I think the rule list needs to be a bit more specific. (unless im just not seeing it) But for all the years that I have been playing on this server I was under the impression that you could not raid players homes in PVE. The rules on the wiki are not very clear about PVP and PVE. When you type /rules in game it is not clear. Maybe someone can update that or direct me to rules that say you can raid in PVE. If this is something that has been around for a long time then i have just gotten lucky over the years because i have never locked a chest. But if it is something new I dont like it. For PVP it is understandable but in PVE it makes not sense. If I have missed it somewhere than just ignore this post. Thank you.


    I bring this up because I had a few chest raided and was told in the mod req that raiding is legal and that was new to me. Again thank you.
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    Nothing in /rules talks about raiding. The wiki definition
    The restrictions

    What is unclear?
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    I guess I just misread it and never knew. Sorry to bother.