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    Okay, Can you please add a /back options for the players to get back to where they died in the minecraft server? It would really help with the issues, some of the other players and I have been having on the server. Escpecially when you die in Mining, which is impossible to get back to where you died in time,and have expensive and/or rare stuff that you're carrying. I mean, personally, I'm usually pretty good at not dying in Minecraft, but the first time I died on the server was in Mining, from a glitch. I woke up from my bed lodged into my wall of my hut, even when there was room. Couldn't move, use /warp, /home or any other way to escape. The staff and I couldn't find the coordinates because it seemed to be beyond the limits. Lost all my tools (including sword, pickaxe, ax, shears, and more), armor, crafting table, food, coal, irons, wood, bed, and a full shulker with a full load of useful and expensive/rare things, including stuff just collected.

    Second time, in Mining, was about to head back to home, but the monster prevented me from doing so. As I was trying to get to a safe distance to do so, all of a sudden the ground disappeared and then I end up falling into a deep hole and died. Both times it took me to a completely different spot on the far opposite end, which the barrier disallowed me from getting to it. Coordinates again out of boundries and was impossible to get back to or warp back to a nearby spot in time. Unfortunately, when I was finally able to get to it, after it was already too late from it taking so long, there was no safe way of getting down there without dying of fall damage. Because it took so long getting to it lost Armor, tools (Again including sword, pickaxe, ax, shears, and more), food, plants, crafting table, bed, 2nd half full shulker, and more.

    Anyway sorry for the rant, but this would really help with the gameplay going more smoothly.

    Thx for your consideration,
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    So first off, that mining death: A block of sand you were standing on updated, and you fell through and hit the ground. The coordinates for that death (in prism) match the coordinates in one of the death mails you were sent, and are right near your items. It was not a glitch, the coordinates are within the map, and I saw your items on the ground. You have many death messages, you are definitely mixing them up at this point. For the record that death was in mining @ -66 40 -140. Currently message #6 in /mail read

    On /back: you want to, on death, run a command to immediately go back to what you were doing. Essentially undo the death. What's the impact of dying if you can just undo it? Why even worry about death if you can just say "nevermind, go back"? A superficial point would be players killing themselves and using /back to avoid having to eat. But seriously think about what you are asking for. How is the server still survival if you don't have to survive?