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    Edit: Changes have been applied!
    • "pvp" and "pve" have been replaced with "north" and "south" in all areas that make sense
    • Cannot warp within 1000 blocks of your pvp death for 60 seconds
    • Towns have permission for /t toggle pvp

    Wow, the last proper update was back in June. Here’s a quick update before we get to the main course.
    • The live map got new settings
    • 1.12.2 is a thing
    • Mietm is now an admin (Congrats!)
    • Joseph is a mod (Congrats!)
    • Using an eye of ender in the nether takes you to the end
    • Throwable fire charges have returned
    • The old towny nether has been removed (though the files still exist right now)
    • You can now edit your /tags
    That was fun. It’s not a massive list but we are working on some things behind the scenes that aren’t ready for the public :). So now the big change that’s coming:

    Global PvP with Town Toggles for PvE

    PvP has long been a core part of ShadeCrest, but over the past few years it has been rarely used. This void forms a self fulfilling prophecy where the lack of players causes PvP to lack players. Outside of grinding McMMO, it’s very easy to reach the end-game, where all that’s left is stock-piling resources and building. What that leaves us is the players who find that end-game fun. That’s fine, but many players get bored at that point and leave. In order to keep those players around longer, progression needs to take longer.

    How would this change lengthen progression?
    Those living in PvP need to have backup armor and weapons, build highly fortified bases, and be ready to fight the most difficult mob - other players. This expands progression to include fighting skill and technique, and may require mastery of many tactics to stay on top.
    But PvP is not for everyone. To avoid PvP entirely, players need to build and maintain towns, adding more members to expand land claims and afford taxes. Players would either need to brave PvP to gather new resources for the town or carefully manage trading with players and shops.

    Aren’t there more important things to worry about than PvP?
    We are addessing a number of things behind the scenes, and this change would make our jobs easier in the long run. Sadly, I can’t go into more detail at the moment.

    You’re forcing us to change how we play without even talking to us!
    We’re not putting this into effect right now, it’s scheduled to happen in a week (Saturday, October 28th). In the meantime, this thread is open for discussion and concerns.
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    • So basically, PvE is gone unless you're in a towny?
    • Is the server gonna be down for these changes?
    • Are we keeping anything that we have now for the update, such as our shops in /warp mall?
    • I know we haven't been doing events and stuff recently due to lack of players, but is that something that will come back if more players join after the update?
    • Will there still be /quests?
    • Does this mean a bigger 'map' to play/build on?
    • Is this kinda like a reset for the survival server?
    (I figured I'd just try and put all my questions into one big reply so that you can answer most of them at one time)
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    The big change is how stuff functions, it is actually really easy to implement and will not even require a restart. Certainly not being down for any lengthy period of time, and definitely not a reset.
    PvE/PvP would be changed to North/South and use PvP settings. Towny settings would be changed to allow toggling PvP off. Nothing else is required to change.
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    Okie! That's all I wanted to know, thanks! :D
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    There were concerns raised about new PvE players. As it stands, they would need to join an existing PvE town for a period of time before they could start their own, otherwise they would be forced to deal with the threat of PvP.

    I’ve made a generalized proposal here that attempts to cover this issue.
    I’ve also made an unrelated proposal for chests in town.
    Neither actually require global PvP,
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    Did i hear PVP
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    Wait... where did the rest of my sentence go? There was more than that!

    Peh Veh Peh
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    Make people visible on dynmap
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    Not happening. If you are logged in to the map you can see town members and nearby players on the surface. That's reasonable.
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    So for the rest of you, Rem thought today was the day this went into effect. He tried to bait musicislove out of town to pvp, and then went around warping to raid with ralk75. Also, in at least 1 spot, he didn't have room for items so dropped them all on the ground rather than leaving them alone.

    Currently his ban is 9(+5) days and ralk has 4. For fun and "like-whoring", I'll add a day for every like this post gets :)
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    Can we vote for a lifetime ban?
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    aw its just like old times

    makes me all fuzzy inside

    edit: gotta add im disappointed in ralk this is not like him at all
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    Hydrarem corrupted my innocence and youth.

    I just didn't think and broke the rules. Oh well.
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    Why is this 2 sentence post a better ban appeal than rem's actual ban appeal?
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    Because I didn't even try to make a ban appeal
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    oh, the angst of youth
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    Changes have been applied
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    2018's a new year. Get ready for new challenges from old friends ;)