This Week in ShadeCrest - Dec 31 to Jan 6

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  1. ezeiger92

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    Yes we're back to doing this thread


    • Survival - UUID - Home plugin
    • Survival - Quests
    • Survival - Better sleep plugin
    • Survival - ClockStopper
    • Survival - Nether fishing
    • Survival - HandyTools
    • Survival - McMMO excavation

    Survival - UUID - Home plugin
    This was fixed ages ago, but now it's actually fixed (thank god). You can change your name without worry of losing your home.

    Survival - Quests
    Finally finally FINALLY added the woodcutting quests to round out Daily Quests, wooo! We've also started work on some new starter quests for guests and some new one-time challenge quests... >:D

    Survival - Better sleep plugin
    I swear it's better even though I've had to fix it 4 times already! SleepLite is a replacement for our previous sleep plugin and offers much more flexibility (like ignoring pesky admins in creative mode when trying to skip night.)

    Survival - ClockStopper
    This will be a VIP perk, but while in testing everyone has access to it. Right click with a clock to preview different times of day! Shift-right clicking returns it to the normal time.

    Survival - Nether fishing
    You can fish in the nether! You need to reel in before the bobber lands on a block (not like normal fishing), and you can fish up some interesting things!

    Survival - HandyTools
    You might recall the improvements we made to wood tools; now the golden pickaxe and golden shovel have got a boost too!
    The pickaxe will mine a 3x3x3 area of stone, andesite, granite, or diorite. The dig direction depends on which way you're facing, so looking straight at a wall will dig straight towards that wall.
    The shovel will dig a 5x1x5 area of dirt, grass, gravel, or sand. This is always aligned vertically, so it will always dig a flat square of land independent of where you're looking.

    Survival - McMMO excavation
    The changes from this thread have been applied!
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  2. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    Removed initial free chest locks, they now start at 100r.
    Removed cost for creating shops.
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