This Week in ShadeCrest - Jan 7 to Jan 13

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    2x combo thread!


    • Survival - Plugin updates
    • Survival - /Color VIP perk
    • Survival - ClockStopper update
    • Survival - New player experience
    • Survival - /Wild portals

    Survival - Plugin updates
    Sleeplite, Handytools, and QuestWorld have all been updated to fix bugs and make things work better. McMMO's drops have been adjusted to actually match the thread from last week, a few things weren't quite right in the config.

    Survival - /Color VIP perk
    VIP III+ can use /color while holding leather armor to set it to any color! It's still WIP and gives very little feedback, but it functions.
    /color reset - Return to default leather color
    /color <r> <g> <b> - Set the color. R, g, and b are numbers in the range 0-255.​

    Survival - ClockStopper update
    This is now only available to VIP I+, and offers previews for morning, midday, evening, dusk, midnight, and dawn. There is no more reset option, the time will automatically reset after 10 seconds.

    Survival - New player experience
    This is a general set of changes that are loosely related to each other. Daily quests are no longer locked behind the "Wanderer" starter quest. As mentioned in my update to last weeks thread, there are no more free chest locks (they now start at 100r) and the shop creation cost has been removed.

    Survival - /Wild portals
    Using /wild now opens a portal (end gateway) for a short period of time, and any nearby players can follow you through. This replaces the only place we had enabled /tpa (immediately after using /wild,) so /tpa has been completely disabled.
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