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    What is your IGN? stealthprince

    Who banned you?(use @<full username>) Mietm

    Why were you banned(ban message)? "nearly 700 reversals required - griefed into Outspokenseeker's home, then set his home inside the build and stole all kinds of things."

    When were you banned? 18th January 2018 01:03:29 PM

    How long is your ban? Permanent

    Can you explain what you know about the ban in more detail? Apparently I was banned for griefing and stealing, I was never talked to about this, so I am still a little lost. If I was banned for griefing it was not intentional to destroy someones work and it was only for the purpose of legal raiding.

    Why should you be unbanned? I do not believe I should be banned because I did not intentionally try to destroy someones base or structure, and I know I didn't destroy 700 blocks, that's st ridiculous, I was only trying to raid following the server rules, If I am not unbanned I would at least like to know why for some closure after playing for so long recently. Thanks
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    I'm just a nerdy computer engineering student trying to have fun in between classes
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    First - you have had action taken against you twice previously for not following the rules of the server. I believe the wiki with the full rules that "most people don't bother reading" was even mentioned to you.

    You have performed legal raids where you replaced the blocks you found. You chose not to do that in this case. Digging a hole straight through someone's wall, then straight down into their storage area without replacing any blocks at all is clearly griefing. My apologies in that the ban reasoning was somewhat misleading. There were more than 40 unreplaced block-breaks leading to Outspokenseeker's chest room, into Tom_Dassenkop's chestroom, and more along multiple stairways in the region.

    Your home was set in the middle of Outspokenseeker's vault. It is nowhere close to your previous location of residence, and it's certainly nowhere near where the other people you play with live.

    At this time, we will reduce the length of your ban to one week. For your own benefit, I believe you really should review and make sure you clearly understand what's expected of players on Shadecrest. You should also know the set location of your home in the vault has been removed.
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