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Discussion in 'Survival Server Suggestions' started by ezeiger92, Jan 24, 2018.

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  1. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    I've been thinking through all the things that will break in 1.13 and haven't done much about it yet. It comes down to either updating multiple plugins myself (omg pls no) or getting new plugins to replace the broken ones.
    So instead of trying to figure all of this out on my own, I'm throwing this out to the community. We have outdated plugins and need new ones; what should we use?

    Prism is our current rollback plugin which hasn't received any updates since April 2016 (well, for bukkit anyway) and uses block ids in its database. Oops.
    Unless there's a converter from prism to a better plugin, part of switching would involve the loss of all block break data and I don't know the best way to handle that.

    Oh no! LWC stores block ids too? Fortunately someone has been updating their own version that fixes this issue and adds things like locking armor stands and item frames. Unfortunately this means it won't include the custom changes I made, namely the tiered prices for locks.

    This list is not final and items will be appended.
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  2. Mietm

    Mietm Member VIP

    For grief prevention, I've used logblock (you said you hate this one) and the very literal grief-prevention. What are the other options?

    LWC... ugh. Have you had time to look into the code of the other one and see if you can add the pricing?
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  3. cziuwatis

    cziuwatis New Member

    I apologize for my potential lack in knowledge in plugins but doesn't WorldEdit have a rollback feature? Could you not use that or am I missing something related to that?
    EDIT: I found the thing I meant is called CoreProtect.
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  4. Mietm

    Mietm Member VIP

    I think Erik ended up addressing this issue by looking for the main things we hate about prism and fixing them himself. I know he's already addressed several issues like massive bugs with item frames and better/more consistent ways to handle block data.
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