Valentine's Day Event! Saturday, February 17, 2018

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    Saturday, February 17 - 11am PST, 2pm EST, 7pm GMT, 8pm CET
    *Sunday, February 18 5am AEST (sorry Australia)​

    Valentine's Day themed glass cage!

    Items will generally be red/pink/white themed with lots of charcoal for ez's black, black heart. We'll also have some higher level and very unique items hidden away in the chests. Please feel free to join us!

    (For new folks: Glass cage is a giant cube made of glass blocks and chests. You may use any tools you have on hand to break the glass and you get to keep anything you find in the chests. The chest might be empty, it might be holding a stick or a beacon, or multiple items!)

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    Glass cage was a huge success!*

    maincoursemeal was our big winner, finding ezeiger92's black, black heart and winning 1000 rupees for it!

    Arch (LordSkaldor) was a close second finding Cupid's feather, and winning 500 rupees.

    Water power (Bounce_Back), CheerLover21, Thomsas123, Kaleidescoper and maincoursemeal were extra big winners for finding the terrible minecraft poetry and fanfictions that had been hidden within the game.

    PaladinDon132 received the beautiful pink "Hearty Tunic (A new mythic pieces of armor)," LordSkaldor found Cupid's Bow, maincoursemeal found Cupid's Wings, and several players found the rare "Angel Feather (feather with smite on it)" and "Cupid's Arrow (arrow with health buff)"

    There was LOTS of pink and red dye, a ridiculous number of flowers and more horrifying terracotta than anyone would ever need. There were also shulker boxes, beacons, nether stars, end crystals, and a dragon head or two! We do hope to do more events like this in the future, so keep your eyes peeled with upcoming holidays and so forth. Also know that any time there's 5 or more people online I am personally willing to run one of the competitions events like Spleef, Sizzle, Floating Ocean, Falling Sand, or King of the Ladder.

    Many thanks to Kaleidescoper, maincoursemeal, Bounce_Back, CheerLover21, Thomsas123, PaladinDon132, musicislove, LordSkaldor, cziuwatis for playing and super huge thanks to ezeiger92 for helping out making several custom items.

    glasscage1.jpg glasscage2.jpg glasscage3.jpg

    *as defined by recent activity and response to events
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